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Suggestions/Advice On Workout


Ive been working out since new year with the following:-

All exercise sets are 15-10-5

MONDAY - Chest/Back
Bench Press
Front Pulldown
Incline Chest Press
Seated Row
Pec Dec

Barbell Shoulder Press
Barbell Upright Row
Rear Delt Row
Bentover Triceps Extension
Barbell Curl
Preacher Curl

Lying Leg Press
Leg Extension
Lying Leg Curl
Calf Raise

4th Jan 2006
Weight: 75kg BF%:16.5

5th Apr 2006
Weight 77.5kg BF%:16.0

Approximate muscle gain of 2.5kg or 5.5lbs

I know this isnt too hot a gain of muscle (about 0.5lb a week)

Im now looking to change my workout to increase growth some more.

At the moment I am think of starting this workout:-

Bench Press
Upright Row
Rear Delt Row
Barbell Curl

Again I was thinking of doin the 15-10-5 sets, but do I need to change this as well?


Don't get hung up on the set/rep scheme you have. It helps to mix things up. One week do the 15-10-5 with average weight, next week do a 5x5 routine with heavier weight, then maybe the week after go lighter with a 4x8 routine. There really is no catch all routine.

It is good that you've decided to give up some of those isolated exercises for more compound ones, but I also notice from your original workout that you only worked each muscle group once, maybe twice a week. That could be why you've experienced slow gains. Try to go for each muscle group 2-3 times per week. Since you're just starting out you don't need to worry about overtraining and full body workouts might be beneficial.

I'm not a trainer or an expert by any means, so this was just my opinion...


These things are tough, because there is so much to consider based on whatever your goals are. Heck, I'll toss out one or two comments to get the ball rolling maybe...

On monday for example, were you ending the day with the chinup, or are the exercises in no particular order? Personally, I like to do the big compound lifts earlier in my workouts.

Anyway, I'll bet you can find some programs on this site that are based on the lifts you mention. If you take a gander at them, they'll give you some ideas for sets and reps and so on I'd imagine.

Maybe if you break out your new workout plan by day, people can give you more comments on that than your old workout?