Suggestions About My Cycle...

Im planning to do a cutting cycle Asap, 10 weeks
(weeks 1-10) Equipoise 300 mg/week
(weeks 3-10) Winstrol/Stromba 25 mg/ed
(weeks 5-10) Proviron 50 mg/ed

any suggestions appreciated. wondering how should i take the EQ, split up or in 1 shot per week. which would be better?

eq needs to be run at least 12 weeks, might wanna ad a test in there like test prop, personally i hate winny because of the joint pain, i prefer anavar or masteron for cutting

The ester of EQ does allow for shot infrequency of as much as once a week yes. That’s a relatively low dose of EQ and Winny. What is your cycle goal?

If it is lean gains as jb99 implies then I too would sub in masteron for the proviron and winny.