Suggestion To T-Staff

Short and to the point. With all the martial arts enthusiasts at T-Nation, I think a Combative Sports forum section is warranted.

Anyone agree with me, or am I off my rocker? I’m sure people interested in conventional sports are sick of seeing posts about MMA.

I agree with you. I know I’m guilty of posting about MMA and am sorry if others are sick of seeing it being posted. I know that myself, and others, would like to see another forum for combative sports. That way we can stay off the strength sports forum and keep people from having to scroll through posts that have no interest to them.

I’d second that.

'Course, I do a “TMA” (though I loathe the “traditional” tag), but still, it’d be a great resource for one of the hardest of hardcore sports.

I can’t agree with you guys more. Support it 100%

this idea’s got my vote!!

There’s gotta be more people who want this. Show your support guys!

excellent idea

My vote is in

you got my vote…

we could have a sticky intro thread where we state what we train; that’d be sweet…

A martial arts forum would be helpful beyond words… especially on such a knowledgable website!

Even for folks like me who don’t participate in combative sports…it would still be extremely valuable to learn from those folks who do kick-ass on a regular basis.



I think it’s a great idea… However…

I wonder where the people that complain about the “focus” or “goal” of this site being More Iron or Getting Huge will sit on this one. (You know… the guys that start bitchin’ anytime someone asks about losing weight rather than packing on muscle.)
I can hear the “You want MA, go to an MA site” threads now.

My vote is for it as I think it could expand the base community here and broaden the site appeal a bit. Good stuff either way.

Definately, I visit T-Nation almost ALWAYS looking for ways to supplement my career in combative sports.

My vote is to keep it here in the strength sports section. I believe that putting MMA stuff in a separate forum would dilute the interest and the knowledge base of the strength forum. The cool part about T-nation is that we have so many people of different strength backgrounds helping each other, why separate ourselves?

One of the things that i like about the developement of MMA is that it encourages martial artists to look outside of their own style and experience to find a better way. That is exactly what we have here.

I don’t mean to write a speech here, but i ended up doing it anyways. Just my thoughts…

Agreed. I think it fits in quite nicely with strength sports. Not to be a party pooper, but starting a new forum for it seems excessive to me.

A separate thread would be cool. I think there’s alot of guys here that either practice MMA, watch it, or are looking to start it. If MMA doesn’t equal testosterone, I don’t know what does.

I think it’s a great idea.

Maybe T-Nation could run a few new articles on MMA/combat athletes’ training and competition.

I think there’s a demand for it.

I do concur

I think that we should just allow it to roam free in the ‘building better body’ and ‘off topic’ sections.

But I do concur wholeheartedly that some new articles should be run on it. Though they have run Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock articles in the past.
MMA specific type training would be beyond awesome. Especially energy systems training and lifting for it. Something that integrates a conjugate protocal and olifts


Though i’m still waiting for Coach Sommers’ Gymnastic article. I wanna get strong like that dude in that breakdancing video (and still squat 3.5x bodyweight hehe) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I didn’t chime in earlier. I think starting a combat sports thread is a great idea.

[quote]Jeff K wrote:
I think it’s a great idea.

Maybe T-Nation could run a few new articles on MMA/combat athletes’ training and competition.

I think there’s a demand for it. [/quote]

I wholeheartedly concur.