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suggestion to KO

Have you ever considered submitting an article to T-mag with bodybuilding recipe suggestions? The reason I ask is that the recipes I asked you for are excellent. I don’t think there are too many chefs around who are also into training and lifting, so you could definately fill a niche. I held a dinner party two nights ago for 12 people. I used the recipe you gave me for a Korean marinade on chicken along with the oriental dressing on a cabbage, lettuce and carrot salad. I also served a recipe for veggie spring rolls with a peanut sauce I got from a book. Everyone loved the meal and thought it was quite funny that I got the recipes from a chef on a bodybuilding website forum. Anyhow, thanks again for the great recipes.

No problem, and I might I give it a shot, if there is interest.

I second that notion. We all benefit from your expertise in the cooking on the forum, but many people never venture over here, but read the mag religously.

Hmmmm…my Chinese “money making” brain busily at work…might have to start charging people for these. Nah, kidding.

Magnus: I'll be sure to let Ko know about this. He'll be at work until 11 tonight. I told him to start compiling recipes to submit for T-Mag. Don't know if he's begun to do that yet. But his head is always full of recipes and cooking and there's some room in there for me. he he he.

I’d be interested. Steve Berardi’s recipies are functional and macro-nurtriently sound but they don’t taste very good.

Well, I’ll be…I thought Ko had already gone to work. He’s sneaky…that guy :wink:

I can eat just about anything, but if you have recipes good enough that I can get my fiancee to eat well I will be eternally in your debt.

Two things: (1) If you put together some recipes and T-Mag decides NOT to publish them, then by all means post them here anyway! WE all want to see them, no matter what. (But of course, it would be best if you got paid for your work.) (2) Where’s that recipe that you gave magnus? Can anyone post a link (or the recipe again)?

I’m all for this! I am sooo sick of either Eye of Round marinaded in Lea&Perrins, Or Turkey Chili… Need new tasty Hi-Protein recipies.

GREAT IDEA!!! I love to cook, and new recipes are always good to have! I’ve voting for a column by KO!

How about sharing that there recipe Magnus?

I have no idea why, but I bought a cornish hen (frozen) today. Got a good recipie for this? I’m on a keto-ish diet (actually, thats probally why I bought it), so I suppose thats a factor. The cheque’s in the mail. Thanks.

OK, but first, I was complaining to KO that I was sick of eating tons of dried out bbq chicken breast. He suggested I butterfly the breasts and pound them out a little so they cook more envenly and stay moist. They also cook faster which I like, especially when I’m hungry.
Here’s Ko’s korean marinade recipe:
1/2cup soy sauce
1/4 c sake or mirin
1TB sesame oil
1TB brown sugar
2TB minced garlic
1TB minced ginger
1tspn cayenne pepper
1/4c finely chopped green onion
juice of 1/2 a lemon
This marinade was so good my mouth is watering just writing it out. I think KO also said to marinate the chicken for at least 30 min.

Actually marinade it for no more than 30 minutes, it tends to get to salty, if you go longer. You could actually use that marinade on the game hen. You could also stuff herbs and garlic under the skin and in the cavity.
Rosemary, sage, tyme and bay leaves are all good. Brush them with olive oil and then salt and pepper them. To cook it you could roast it in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes, its good to baste them with some type of fat every 7-10 minutes or more to keep them moist. The other thing yuou can do is split it in half and grill it. Remove the backbone and then go right down the brest bone.

KO, I’ll admit it, I have a weakness, and pizza is its name. If you have a recipe for anything approximating pizza that won’t make me all blubbery and stuff, and you have the time, please share. If you don’t, may I humbly ask that you consider including one if you decide to write an article? If I could indulge a little more often, I might actually smile once in a while!

You’re going to hate me, but I’ eating pizza as I type Pizza is not bad. Its bread, tomato sauce, meat and cheese. What makes it bad is your choice of ingredients. Can you make your own dough? Try using whole wheat flour instead of white, use fat free mozzerella (or use real mozzerella, its is naturally low fat) , stay away from the pepperoni, and sausage (or use turkey sausage), make your own sauce. Now if you are on a low carb diet you are kind of screwed, but for a protein/carb meal, you could easily fit in. If you go out for pizza stay away from the chain pizza places, go to the small places that use fresh ingredients, and make their own dough and sauce. I myself will never give up pizza and one night of it won’t kill you. So treat yourself every once in a while. If you need specifics post again or e-mail Patricia.