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Suggestion: Personalized Article Index



Unless I've been missing something on the site (and that could happen) we can't create our own "homepage". Why not let us add our favorite articles to one central personalized page?

This should be dead simple for your computer crew. The site knows who I am when I visit, simply create a table with URL's associated with my ID. Show a custom page somehow, and bingo, all my favorite workout and nutrition pages are all in one spot!

All you need to do is show a "button" on article pages while I'm reading them so I can add them to my "own" page. It would be nice if you'd let me sort and categorize them. Umm, yes, I am aware that there is this handy thing called bookmarks in most browsers too. However, I'm not always reading the site from my own computer...

While you are adding that button, you could create an "email this article to a friend" capability too. This would make it a bit easier for us to spread your words and get you customers -- and make it more worthwhile for you to bother adding these nifty features.

(Moderator's note: You may want to click on the "Techical Support" button on the bottom of the page and see if the compter wizards there can answer this for you. Hope this helps. Thanks! The T-mag staff)