suggestion on strenght cycle with deca, sustenon oral and hgh

hi, I will start next week a cycle to boost my strength and speed.
It’s going to be 750/500/750/500 per week of deca (weeks 1/2/3/4)
then 60mg/per day sustenan oral
and 8 UI of hgh in 4 shots.
I’m 6’1, I’m actually very weak because I trained a lot of aerobic, high endurance all the basic macrocycle (5 months) and now I’ve already 6 weeks on strength and speed training again
I’m actually 9% body fat and 196lbs.
any suggestion? for the cycle, after it ore anything
see you

I am in no way a knowledgable poster for gear but why the oral sustenon?? It would be a lot easier on your liver if you just inject. Maybe im missing something but its an idea to consider.

I never heard of oral sustenon before and I don’t understand what would be the point?

Oral sustenan isn’t that andriol (Test Undeconoate) judging by the dose scheme of 60mg daily. That is a pitiful amount of test, only 264mg/week. Enough to shut down your own endogenous test production but not enough to do any good. You’d be better with 750mg of enanthate or some other injectable test especially with that much deca.

You don’t mention any ancilliries or recovery plans and a 4 week with a long acting ester like deca is stupid. In fact a 4 weeker is just stupid full stop. You need to read alot more before even dreaming about using AAS.

I’d say you don’t know what you are doing and shouldn’t attempt a cycle for at least a year of strength training and alot of research. Read the steroid newbie thread, find it by using the t-forum search engine.

As you have only six weeks of proper training behind you, the strength gains you desire can be had through natural training. Your gains should skyrocket as a newbie. If you are serious about strength then maybe read up about powerlifting. All the info you could ever want is right here.

Oh and wtf is that zig zag dosing thing with the deca?!! You want a stable level of androgen in the blood and you want to achieve it as quick as possible i.e. frontload.

Whoooa…this is a cry for help. First of all, there is no such thing as an “oral Sustenon” Sustenon is a blend of 4 Testosterones with a timed release effect. You can’t even do that with an oral effectively. Secondly, there is no oral type of Testosterone except for the pathetic androgen called Andriol. Absolute garbage even at high doses.

Also, no mention of Clomid, Arimidex, or Nolvadex?? Do you know what these are for?? And alternating dosages with the Deca…what the fuck is that?? I’m almost wondering if this is a fake post. 8 IU’s of GH a day?? That’s a lot to start. I actually could set you up with a very good cycle, but I’m not going to. You have no clue what you’re doing or even if what you’re taking is real. At this point you’d be doing more harm than good. Read up my friend…

“Whoooa…this is a cry for help”

well said TF!