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Suggestion for T-Nation

I was looking through the Carbolin 19 posts and saw a lot of questions about what should or shouldn’t be used with Carbolin 19. It seems like Cy spends A LOT of time answering the same questions over and over again – and he never seems to lose his patience I’ve noticed. In other’s defense, there are also A LOT of pages to cover.

I didn’t know if I should send this to tech support or not, but I wanted to throw this idea out. Why not have some sort of matrix that can be viewed for each product that shows what it should or shouldn’t be used with?

The Carbolin 19 thread is about 24 pages long right now and getting information out of it is time-consuming.

Just my two cents, though. I love the site. Keep up the great work.

How about another suggestion:

An autoship monthly or bi-monthly order process, where we rec. selected products automatically and receive free shipping for receiving them. Or something to this scenerio. Probably would be an administrative nightmare and if it raises costs, forget it. Cheers.


I vote for the supplement matrix, it’d be nice to have a clear reference for what works well together and what is not so useful to combine. The product threads are getting long and hard to find info. It’s been said at least a couple of times on those that Cy does spend an aweful lot of time answering the same questions oveer and over again.
Thanks for everything that you guys have been doing.