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Suggestion For Cy!


Dear Sir,

I gots to thinkin' 'bout these here supplements and gawt awful comfused.

Here's the deal. I have never been a big proponent of supplements other than MRPs, protein (dietary helpers) and creatine. BUT, I like the Biotest line. ZMA zzzzzzzz's. HOT-ROX is en fuego. Spike IS NEATO! And now I am on to Carbolin 19.

But here's the deal; reading through all of the threads to find dos and don'ts and ins and outs is a time consuming pain in the arse. So, my suggestion is this:

How about a "supplement matrix" or "supplement map" of sorts to detail the intended purpose of each (fat loss, LBM gain), consumption directions (empty stomach, with food, NOT with calcium), mixing recommendations (Carbolin 19 NOT with Spike), cost, and so on and so forth?

Now I don't want to come off as lazy (I am), but such a tool could be very beneficial to we users and in the end help Biotest sell product. Using the correct supplements properly for the intended goals means better results and thus equates to more repeat customers.

Whaddya think?




Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not really the one who implements such things but it's not a bad idea. Most of the information you mentioned can be found on the product list page or on the label itself. Some of the other things are simply minutia, which I'll typically give some perspective on, but more often that not it causes more confusion. But, I understand that it's spread out and not all in one place, so you make a good point.

Thanks again for taking the time to make such a suggestion.


what would be some general recommedations for calories for someone trying to lose body fat, and what kind of carb limits do you like to set. One last question would be how to you feel about adjusting calories up and down from week to week. an example might be one week mainteance calories then one or two weeks of lower cal then one week of above mainteance calories.


I don't really have any particular recommendation that would work for everyone. There are a number of good programs on T-Nation though. As for carb intake, I did a carbohydrate roundtable a while back which shares my views on that. You can find that via the search engine.

Hope this helps.


Have supp. question, im taking Alpha Male, with Spike right now, and have two bottles of Carbolin 19, would it be good to do a cutting cycle by stating taking the Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19together, asnd stop taking the Alpha


My Suggestion for Cy: Drop the attitude and check out my Prime Time thread -you just might learn something.

Just messin' bro, keep up the great work!


If your goal is to reduce fat mass, I'd go with HOT-ROX. Methoxy-7 could be used in addition.


Hey Dave. Actually, I do always check out your Prime Time threads. The titles alone get my attention. I always like to see your opinion of things.