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Suggestion for Article

How bout an article on supplementation & training for those under 25?? i myself am 20 and while tmag puts out a ton of great information, it seems as though the under 25 group is neglected…i hear all the time about how that age group “has so much testosterone that all they have to do is move and they gain muscle.” this is all well and good, but then i find dozens of in-depth articles on t-replacement,etc which are geared towards the older readers…sure, the information will eventually be applicable to me, but how bout giving the younger guys a little supplementation advice…ie, are prohormones worth the $$; how bout tribex and androsol??

while i realize that the training and supp protocols may not be that different than any other age group, there must be some variables we can alter for our advantage (training frequency, etc)…sure, i will probably get bigger just by looking at the weights, but i know that this is hardly a scientific approach to hypertrophy…furthermore, this “just do what you are doing & you will grow” attitude promotes mediocrity…and mediocrity, of course, is what ANY lifter (especially a tmag reader) is trying to avoid…how bout an article??

I totally agree. An article for the under 25 group is def. needed. How bout it guys?

Well, I think I’m the only guy who’s under 25, so I’ll look into it.