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Suggestion for a Template for a 35 Year Old Dad of 3 Kids?

Hey there! I’ve been training consistently for over 15 years by now (with a fair bit of cycles of 5/3/1 in there, I own the first 5/3/1, 5/3/1 Beyond and 5/3/1 Forever so I can always look up stuff if needed) and with the lack of sleep from the kids and all, I’ve slowly come to terms that I might not be able to push everything as hard as I used to.

So, I’m looking for the best fit of a template for a dude in his 30’s that still wants to be strong but also healthy, meaning a good dose of conditioning and some mobility on the side. I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep either if I could add on some muscle mass :rofl:

You also have the little problem of time. I train in the morning before work, where I ride my bike 12km to the gym (about 7,5 miles for you US people) so I get up at about 5 and start work at 7. I can also fit in one training session during the weekends giving me a total of 6 possible days to train.

Any suggestions on a template for a guy like me?

How long do you have to train on weekdays? Do you have any other time in the day you can fit small sessions into?

I can get up at 5 and bike to the gym in about 20 min so say from 5.30 until 6.50. If its something small I can probably fit it in during the evening since I have a pretty substantial homegym with barbell, squat rack etc.

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Over an hour a day, for 6 days a week? Plus options for extra mobility/conditioning sessions if needed? Can’t think of any templates you couldn’t run to be honest. Pick one that excites you.


If I was short on time, I’d do something like widowmaker circuits.


That looks like a cool template. Definitely on my “to do” list.



Dagill has a point. If you can make it 6 days, you can run whatever.

If you are tired and beat down all the time. Pick a simple template like 5’s pro FSL or 5’s pro SST with smart assistance.

Also, 2x2x2 is great!

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Yeah, I can make it work timewise, I just can’t recover properly from it and just feel generally beat down with too much added on

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Something like 5s PRO FSL would work.

Maybe something like Krypteia Redux, original or Rhodes. You’ll have to Google those though.


Limited time has also worked for me in a similar position as the bodyweight stuff can be done whenever and I’ve been known to miss it out when too tired.

Also beyond 1.1.

I would start with anything that has 5 pros and 5x5 fsl as it works but shouldn’t break you. Dagill is on the money, but you have lots of choice.


Thanks, appreciate all the answers from you guys!

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Since you indicate conditioning and mobility is as important as muscle mass, I think dutchjb is right on the money with 2x2x2.


If “maximum strength” isn’t the end goal, I find you can do ALMOST every 531 template from forever in under and hour. You just have to move and be smart about what you add. Supersets and emoms are a sure way to get a lot of work in a short amount of time.

When i did BBB I did something like:
Bench 531 / Ab wheel
Bench BBB / rows / RDL (each lift as an emom)

If time permitted is throw in am easy push after.

Thats main lift, supplemental, and assistance. I was doing this in 30-40 mins.

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Would something like the 5/3/1 Prowler Challenge be a bit much to recover from or a bit too much on the conditioning side?

If conditioning is the main goal i think its a great choice. It has less lifting volume to allow for the increase prowler work.

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I have 3 kids, am 42 and struggle to get to the gym

I have to make use of the little time I have which means that my training is of the mindset that any work as long as it’s hard is good work

Have a look in my training log for some ideas matey


Appreciate it :+1:

I’ll save you the time. It’s burpees. It’s always burpees.


Otherwise known as the secret :kissing_heart:


Im 35 with two kids and get it. I have an understanding with my wife that I lift 3 days a week and keep it to an hour. I am currently using an OG 5/3/1 with a different supplemental. For example I use 5x5/3/1 for bench, widow makers for squats and BBS for deadlift. I find for me using one lift a day helps keep time down and better recovery. I just finished forever and found some templates that did seem like they would be good for limited time and not killing yourself.

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