suggested weights for Meltdown training

Hi. I am starting to do Meltdown training and on examinig the protocol, it does not give a suggested weight to use (i.e. 5RM,etc) during the workout. The program has you doing supersets of 10 reps, but it offer no poundage recommendations. If anyone can provide some suggestions, I’d be appreciative. Thanks to all and continued success to all as well.

Find what works for you. Be aware that you may have to adjust the poundages downward in order to finish the workout. Just play with it a bit till you find something good. Remember, the point of the workout isn’t to get stronger, it’s to get leaner, so don’t get hung up in the amount of weight used. Instead, concentrate on pushing yourself as far as you can. the first time I tried Meltdown training, I wound up in a pile on the floor, sweating and gasping for breath halfway through. In order to finish the workout, I had to lower the weight, but I still dropped substantial bf%. And started GPP training. God, what a difference that made.

Personal experience 20RM or less.

I’d start low on all the lifts, like %70 of your one rep max. Then just slowly increase.
I’d suggest trying to go through all the sets with that weight to make sure it works for you though. Myself, I ended up going lower than what I just prescribed.

I recall you’re supposed to do anywhere from 60-70%. At least that’s the percentage I used back when I did it.

don alessi said 15rm to 17rm.