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Suggested Training Program for Amateur Boxer


Just wondering what your thoughts are on what a training program should look like for me.
I am fighting out of the lightheavyweight ( 75 - 81 ) kg division

and would like to get down to middleweight (69-75) without cutting but its not neccesary
I eat healthy with about 4 - 5 meals a day not sure about calories but try to keep protein content high as well as a fair amount of carbs as im training 2 to 3 times per day when you count morning cardio, midday weights n night techniquework ect...

I broke my ankle a few years back and still get aches and pains but only after jogging for long periods of time. I try to restrict running to 2 to 3 days per week and go for intensity rather then length.

Currently have no real program with weights just do skipping most days along with some olympic style lifts/pullups/chinups/Deadlifts and bagwork depends on how sore my muscles are from the day before.

Do roguhly an hour and 45 mins of technique training monday to tursday nights.

Your thoughts please? how would i modify this to drop weight while maintaining power\speed



buy it, use it, thank me later...


hire a trainer


Can't really be too specific based on the info you gave but safe to say your not looking to add mass.
What you want is strenght power and power endurance coupled with speed and cardiovascular endurance, both anaerobic and aerobic.
Given that your doing boxing you don't need this in as many areas as say MMA so your exercises can be more specific. The emphasis will change depending on if you are preparing specifically for competition at that time or in between camps. If in between you can focus on your raw strenght and power more and if building up to competition you will do things like 3 minutes sets of various exercises (I believe amateur rounds are 2 minutes?).

Basically if your not currently building up to competition sork on increasing your strenght with 1-3 reps and power with med balls at 6-8 reps and rest 3 mins between these super sets. Theres way more involved but that may serve as a good starting point for you. Full body...3 times per week or preferably upper and lower or push pull split 6 days per week.