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Suggested Shopping List

Hey guys i just moved into college and am trying to eat clean. Now ive got a 50 dollar a week budget for food, so lets see some lists of what u would buy with this income (i live in ontario,canada if that helps) im looking for ideas and help as ive never grocery shopped before, and am not the best cook haha.

From my exp. I would say get stuff that can be used in a lot of meals. like say eggs, you can make them for almost every meal. peanut butter’s rockin, eat it out of the jar, in a protein shake etc.

The more whole and organic is usually better. Also since you’re in school you might want to check out the School Days articles by steve Berardi. I was just refered to them and they helped a ton. You might want to Check out JohnBerardi.com it’s got a lot of nutritional info and recipes. maybe even try and stick to one of the diets on this site. Hope this helps,

If you live near a produce market or farmer’s market, you can get very cheap fruits and veggies. If you can get your meat from a butcher instead of a grocery store, that will also help a lot.

I made a thread a while back called “My Grocery Bill” that expanded on this idea a little more, but basically I can get a week’s worth of steak (one 6 oz steak per day) and produce for less than $20 when I shop at the market and the butcher’s.

Add some chicken, eggs, fish (fresh-frozen tuna can sometimes be found for pretty cheap, I get mine for $5 per pound at a grocery store), natural peanut butter, EFA’s, etc. and you’re all set.

I’d say, just look for the sales on veggies. Buy in bunches, not in boxes. Wash and chop your own veggies. Its the cheapest that way. I can usually get dark leafy vegetables for about $1 per lb, like red leaf lettuce, romaine, etc. Perhaps a bit more where you live. But this way I can have 10 lbs of lettuce for $10 that will last me, at least, one week.

Don’t forget the brocoli either man.

thanks for the input but i was actually hoping to get some lists haha

Hey $50 a week is pretty good.

[quote]Split wrote:
thanks for the input but i was actually hoping to get some lists haha[/quote]

Berardi’s Kitchen I and II:



i think you’ve all missed the point, i was hoping for some creativeness from you people ! :stuck_out_tongue:

those articles that you were pointed to have a ton of good information, with which you can take your personal tastes and level of access to certain products and easily come up with some choices. were you looking for some creativity from us or are you just that fucking lazy and looking for us to do all the work for you?

EDIT: I just looked at your post history, and you asked almost the exact same question about 2 months ago. Do you seriously need to be spoon fed everything?

Well, tastes and needs change for each person so it’s hard to give you a list. Here is what most weightlifters’ diets are composed of:


  • OATMEAL (this is a REALLY key staple, don’t get the instand or flavored kind, just pure oats)
  • fruits and vegetables (I don’t know much about this, ask someone else, but you should have a healthy supply of both)
  • whole-grain bread (don’t get white bread)


  • FAT FREE COTTAGE CHEESE (eat a shitload, mix it up with protein powder or w/e for taste, but cottage cheese is a protein staple)
  • TUNA (you can get this packed in oil for extra fat, get chunk lite as it has the leaste amount of mercury and you’ll be eating a crapload of this fish)
  • beef and poultry (I hope you can cook… at the least get some fresh deli like turkey. Also, get the leanest cuts possible)
  • egg whites (or just eat the whole egg, the yolk has fat)


  • WHOLE EGGS (this, like oatmeal, is an absolute key staple, try to get “natural omega-3” eggs)
  • red meat (has both fat and protein)
  • nuts (if you really need some more fat)
  • flaxseed and fish oil (again, these are supplements if you need to beef up your fat intake)
  • olive oil (a lot of cooking involves using something to grease the pan, and olive oil is the best, it’ll give you a good amount of fat when cooking many things. Don’t cook with flaxseed and fish oil)

I don’t really know why non-lean beef and non-fat free cottage cheese is bad, I’d figure for a P + F meal they wouldn’t hurt, but then again, I’m no expert.

Foreman Grill
Lots of lean meats or not, depending on your goals, salads are easy
protein shakes, fresh fruits and veggies, ontario aint half bad for that. Personally I like a yogurt in the morning to keep my stomach ok, from eating so much during the day! LOL

yes i have a foreman my list right now is something like this

-bagged salad

  • fast fry porkchops

  • chicken thighs

  • noodles (lipton sidekicks)



-whole weat bread

-whole wheat pasta

-bravo sauce

-old chedder

  • frosted mini whheats for breakfast haha

  • milk

thats about it not too much and i think i may have forgotten some stuff :S