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i read a lot on sites lik tnation and similar sites about AAS but i still feel quite ignorant on the subject. i dont plan on cycling anytime soon (within the next year at least) but id still like to know much more for when i do decide im ready to begin training with this sort of help. im not asking for any cycle advice or for anyone to tell me im ready to begin cycling because i already know the answer. im simply asking if you guys could point me to legitimate sources to learn more about AAS and everything involved with it. it seems like most posters in this forum are educated so where did you guys get your info besides the years of experience it took?


I think the best thing to do is to keep researching cycles on your own, but also see what threads pop up here with questions and keep reading the answers. Read through all the stickies, do T-Nation searches for things that pop up in threads that you're not sure about, find some steroid profiles through a google search, etc.


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thanks guys. ive been reading through forums and sites for about the past year and still feel i only know the tip of the iceberg. im also headed into a bio related field in college so maybe all the chem/bio will help gradually clear things up for me

but basically there is no "Steroid Bible" so to speak? no one source that will give me everything id like to know


You do need to be careful about forums.... some forums have some really odd information on them that is honestly just horrible advice. I'm trying to recall an example, but can't, but you'll come across them.... and hopefully at that time, you'll know better.


look up the anabolics 20xx series of books from William Llewellyn

the newest one out is 2011 its his 10th one I believe thats good basic reading to get someone started in understanding what does what


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I always love seeing what you have to say BBB it is always funny and enlightening. I am currently an incoming college freshman studying what seems to be similar to what you have a degree in.


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i ahve always mainntained that my degrees engineering/leadership/mba basically tought me how to think in a structured manner / schedule my time / prove that im not a total retard....thats about it. The rest comes from life.


Haha thanks for the advice! maybe i'll show Ct a thing or two :wink: lmao


besides reading stickies and other threads, there is an underground steroid book by douchain its pretty old like 1990 but it's still worth looking at i'd assume