Suggested reading list!

An earlier post referred to " The Poliquin Principles: Successful Methods for Strength and Mass Development " book. I have not read that yet, but since it was recommended I am gonna go out and get it.
I have read the “Joe Weider’s Ultimate Bodybuilding: The Master Blaster’s Principles of Training and Nutrition” book about 5 times now. It is a MUST for any of you who haven’t looked into it.
I was wondering If anyone knows of any other good books. Also, has anyone read and used Mentzer’s HIT book? If so, what did you think?

Read Ian King’s “Get Buffed”. Donate the Weider book to the garbage can.

I don’t have any books that are just about bodybuilding, I’m more into strength. I just got Rock Iron Steel & Super Squats from Ironmind & they both rock. Anything (really!) from Sportivny Press for Oly technique & training is excellent. Science & Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorsky, Dinosaur Training by Kubik, The Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Dreschler & Fitness & and Strength Trainign for All Sports by Hartmann & Tunnemann are also some of my favorites. Almost all are pretty dry (not Dino Training) & there aren’t any fancy pictures, but tough it out there’s tons of good info in them, especially the Sportivny ones. I’ve haven’t read Supertraining or Science of Soviet Sports Training (by Kurz) yet but I’ve heard that they’re really good.

Given the supplements Weider’s boys really use, why bother with their so-called nutrition? They would grow if they ate cardboard.

Forget the garbage can- burn it! You wouldn’t want some unsuspecting vagrant youth to stumble upon it while sifting through your trash. If he does, he’ll be set up for years of overtraining…

Brother Iron, Sister Steel by Dave Draper. Get ripped series by Clarence Bass (just a side note, why do HIT jedis never mention Bass? He’s a great example of HIT working). Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline (sp). Calvin and Hobbes.

Heh, harsh…I would hate to be Weider right now.
The book is outdated and all, but i think it did a pretty good job of getting you into the history of bodybuilding. It also showed the anatomy and kinseology of just about every lift known to man kind. It also went into the mental aspect of bodybuilding(i.e. goalsetting, concentration, determination, etc). It helped me learn the basics(muscle names and locations). And you can’t tell me you have never used the Weider Supersets,Instinctive training, or cheating principles. That book rocked. The only things that were wrong with it was that it had absolutely nothing worth reading in the nutrition section which is equally, if not moreso important. The nutrition section would be pretty misleading because of the advances of the last 12 years. Another thing that was wrong with it was the fact that you were being taught be superhuman freaks on steriods. I train with only protein powders, multi-oil capsules, and glutamine. All in accordance with Good Old Fashioned Food.

Brother Iron, Sister STeel
by Dave Draper.

Bronx bomber, you make an excellent point. Most people would kill to be in condition like Clarence Bass. Especially at 60+ I imagine he’s not an often used example because he is not “huge” by typical and often steroid induced standards. His combination of strength at both olympic and powerlifting excercises and aerobic condition are quite uncommon especially for the length of time he has maintained it.

Thanks, E. I was gonna start an arguement by showing who has a better physique, Draper or Bass, but different goals for each. Yeah, Bass has a great lean physique and I like the idea that he uses olympic lifts.