suggested hypertrophy programs?

Hi all. Am hoping to get feedback as to some good hypertrophy programs. Have done CW’s Anti bodybuilding program and Next Big Three program with good results, and would like to be putting on some weight at the same time with my next program. If anybody could make some suggstions, I’d be appreciative. Thank you.

OVT worked pretty well for me I have to see for a volume based hypertrophy program. If you like CW’s stuff you could give his quattro dynamo program a try.

Did you check out CW’s Quattro Dynamo article in the last issue? If you’ve had success with his other programs than this one should be to your liking as well.

Hi Lorne,
I find Ian King’s 3 days split effective:
Day 1
Deadlift-Bench Press-Standing calves-Pulley-wrists(palms up)-Lower abs
Day 2
Shrugs-Dips-Tibialis-Barbell curl-obliques abs-Hyperestensions
Day 3
Squat-Chins-Military press-Seated calves-wrists (palms down)-crunches
Sometimes for various reasons I skip day 2 workout.


Try Charles Staley’s EDT program.

Mike Mahler

Quattro Dynamo, OVT, Training For Maximal Size.

I find you can not go wrong with EDT. Although I ended up making a few changes from Staley’s original recommendations to better suit my needs as did a number of others. The two main changes were: I took longer rests in between sets and performed fewer sets 6-8 per exercise. This allowed me to recover much more easier from my time in the gym.

March 29th-238

Westside, GFH.

[quote]March 29th-238
Yesterday-278 [/quote]
That was not all lbm there, Goldie!

I’ll recommend Chad Waterbury’s Anti Body Building Program for Hypertrophy (ABBH).

CT just wrote an awesome hypertrophy based article in this weeks issue.

“That was not all lbm there, Goldie!”

Who cares? Bottom line is he gained.I’m guessing BF% didn’t increase excessively judging by his strength gains.

That is the stupidest thing I’ve read in a long time.

Lorne, you could, based on what you have read (assuming you’re doing some reading around here) put your own workout together based on the PRINCIPLES you have learned from the different workouts.

No one has mentioned CW’s Big Boy Basics program, but this is a very fun and effective workout.

“That is the stupidest thing I’ve read in a long time.”

You missed the rest of the quote Jeff.

Jeff Rage,
That’s 40 lbs. The majority of it was probably muscle due to his training and large increases in strength.

At 5’2" and 140 you could do some GFH-ing yourself.