Suggested Goal PRs

Following this week of active recovery my workout group is testing our new PRs. I want to know what i should aim for realistically as i really don’t have any idea.

Here are my current bests.

Weight: 158-160lbs

Bench Press: 135x8(reps)
Squat: 225 x 8(reps) x 3(sets)
Deadlift: 225 x 8 x 3
Front Squat: 205 x 8 x 3
Leg Curl: 130 x 8 x 2
Incline Dumbell Press: 100 x 5 x 3
Shoulder Press: 95 x 8 x 2
Overhead Squat: 105 x 10 x 4

I am very fast twitch dominant. Also keep in mind most of these lifts were performed during a workout. Here is what i have in mind for my 1RMs.

Bench Press: 165+/- 10lbs
Squat: 310 +/- 20lbs
Deadlift: 310+/- 20lbs
Front Squat: 275 +/- 15 lbs
Leg Curl: who cares? umm as heavy as it goes (i dont remember)
Incline Dumbell Press: 125 lbs
Shoulder Press: 115 lbs
Overhead Squat: 175 +/- 10 lbs (my real goal is the 15 reps of bodyweight but we’re talking 1RM here)

What do you think?

Are you going for 1RMs? If that’s the case, google “1RM calculators.” You’ll get a bunch of sites that have one of these; you simply type in the weight you’re lifting and the number of reps you’re doing with that weight and it will calculate your 1RM.

Of course, your real 1RM will likely be higher because max weight you normally lift is done after a number of sets, so you lift less than you would if you were fresh and rested. However, the value you get is a good starting place.

How many attempts do you get at your 1RM? If you get a few, then just start at the calculated value and move up in weight according to how you feel, just like in a PL contest.

Hope this helped!

to determine my 1RM I start at my workout weight and progressivly add 20 lbs/set with 3 rep sets. When that becomes taxing add 10lbs per set for 2 rep sets until you can only perform 1 rep. As you approach max make sure you get significant rest between sets (2-3 minutes). It works well for me; a very large part of it is the belief that one is able to move the weight they are about to press. If you have doubt in your mind you will most likely fail when the going gets tough.

My BP max is a pathetic 230 though :slight_smile:

one quick note, if you are testing a 1rm in all those lifts on the same day whatever comes towards the end is definitely going to suffer. I’d do it in this order:

Bench Press (give legs a chance to recover)
and ignore the rest,
your hammies should be fried so I wouldnt bother with RM leg curl