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Suggested Doctor in San Francisco?

I am currently prescribed Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/1ml weekly injections from my doctor. I will soon be relocating to San Francisco for work. I am hoping someone can recommend a doctor in the San Francisco area so that I can continue my Testosterone therapy?

Thx in advance.

How do you feel on 1x weekly?

It’s improvement from one injection (200mg/1ml) every 2 weeks. I have a bit more energy and sex drive has increased a bit. I feel I would benefit from an increased dosage, but my last results of Testosterone, Serum were 606 and my doctor felt those levels were good enough so, she is keeping me where I’m at. At least it’s an improvement from where I was! Within the next two months I’ll be moving to San Francisco so the fun begins of finding a new doctor (sarcasm) ha…