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Suggested Cycle for Muscle Rehab

I have slightly rounded shoulders from doing excessive benches back in the day and as a result my rear delts are stretched a weakened, mostly on my left side.

I train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu now and get pain in the rear delt after training quite often. Sometimes alot. I have commenced to correct this defect through proper training and working on my posture and things are coming around okay, albeit VERY slowly.

I am considering doing a cycle to expedite recovery from this condition and really bomb my back/rear delt region. I’m reading good things about Deca and EQ and am hoping you guys could suggest a proper cycle, keeping in mind I don’t desire to gain much weight for my sport as to lose conditioning. As well should I be taking an AI?

As far as my history with gear goes, I did a cycle of V and Deca 10 years ago and my knowledge of anabolics is basic.

Thanks in advance guys.

Great site. Cool to be here.

Not sure what V is–maybe you mean stanozanol. Stan is known to “dry” joints as opposed
to the nandrolone which is known to lubricate and actually heal joints. This is good
for alot of guys with nagging injuries, especially around the shoulders. As far as dosing
goes nandrolone can be between 200-600 mg/wk. Alot of users are concerned about progestational
sides. I never had problem. I think sides with nandrolone show up on longer cycles with test. or
methandrostenolone. Pct is recomended.

I always like to suggest training naturally when recovering from injury. A jump in strength may just put you back farther then you are now. AT LEAST till pain is gone. I’ve just heard of many people thinking steroids will solve problems such as these and it ends up making matters worse.


Yeah V is Winstrol-V, is what we used to call it.

winkroar:what is a pct?

Apprecite what you’re saying BMC85 but I’ve been rehabing it for a sustained period of time. Looking at kick starting some recovery. I believe this may be of assistance. Willing to give it a shot.

So should I lay down a cycle of Nandrolone with a kiss of test weekly, say for 12 weeks. Again not looking to gain weight but still train my sport.

P ost C ycle T herapy. Substances taken after the conclusion of steroids administration
to raise and maintain testosterone levels and lower or keep estrogen levels under control.
This will regain testicle size and keep the user from crashing to hard. The attempt is to
keep your gains and sex drive. Additionally nandrolone is known to be supressive with
its progestational component for a long time after cycle, so it may be wise to stay on
PCT for awhile longer than is customary with the testosterones.


Think I’m going with EQ and a kiss of test.

Any suggestions on duration and doses? I’m thinking very mild, 8 10 weeks. Don’t want to lose cardiovascular conditioning or gain much

100mcg/day of GHRP could be useful, and very cheap too. It would be in my list of rehab compounds…