Suggested Colleges?

Hey everyone, I’m a high school senior and am looking for a college with a good program to help me become a strength coach. I would prefer to live somewhere warm though it’s not absolutely necessary.

I scored a 1430 on the old version of the SAT and have a 3.5 grade point average if that helps.

I greatly appreciate all responses and would especially like the input of some of the writers on this site.

Thanks everyone,

Well not sure about your major but here on the West coast theres plenty of good state colleges with nice weather as well.

And wondering if you took the new SAT cause I thought it’s mandatory now. Thats a pretty good score for the old SAT by the way, wondering how much studying you did for that test.

I scored a 2050 on the new SAT, but colleges accept either the new or old one right now. And I didn’t study for it all. Studying makes me nervous.

I would think that you would want to try school’s with strong D1 football or basketball programs.

This would give you a stronger shot at working with “higher grade” athletes. will give you a list of NATA accredited programs for Athletic Trainer.

You might want to check out U Florida also

Check out Springfield College. It has had several grads go on to successful S&C careers.

Loak at University of Texas, Oklahoma State University, and University of Minnesota. All these schools have good programs.

Springfield college is the strength coaches college…not many schools have specific strength coaching programs but they do, and tons of connections for placements on interns, plus masters programs…

Id seriously consider what you want to do with your life though, with an SAT like that you could possibly get yourself an Ivy or Patriot League degree, or other top school…you might even get to go for free depending on your other activities and ability to sell yourself.

If you decide you want to be a strength coach, you can always get into the field.