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Suggested 5 Day/Week Program?


Hi, can you suggest me a bodybuilding programme for training 5 times a week, 10x :slight_smile:


You could do:
Day 1: Chest and abs
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Legs/lower back
Day 4: Bis and Tris
Day 5: Shoulders(delts, traps) and abs

That's just one possibility that could work.


How is that helping him learn how UNcomplicated this is?

Yeah, that may be what he asked for, but if you are still asking for random training programs as if you can't group muscles together by yourself, it points to larger issues he is turned around on.




You may be right but how are YOU helping him?

You've just pointed out why someone is wrong. In your opinion


Gee, possibly because I have personally answered this very question about 6,000 times over on this website since I've been here and went over it in detail in that stickied thread at the top of the forum that people can still read (you know, the thread that has been here for about 6 years but people still ask questions like you just did as if I haven't helped enough).

Possibly even because I want to see if others here can avoid simply looking at a question at face value when the deeper needs of the individual can often help many more others.

Now, did that answer YOUR question?


Train 1-3 body parts in a workout, rest 2-6 days (whichever makes you strongest), train them again.

Do you know why you're wanting a 5 day program? Do you mean a 5-way split, or you want to train 5x/week? Both are different...




Anything works, split muscles into what feels good for you- Antagonists, Compound groupings, etc etc.

if this is a question that you are asking, you may want to get someone to look at your diet choices tho because im assuming you arent eating the way you need to be, because MOST people dont.


I will assume that your goal is to build as much muscle as possible.

If you have been training for more than 2 months it may be time to do a few muscle groups per session. Back, Legs, Chest, Shoulders (and traps), and arms can be an option. Your muscle group must be "ready" in order to be trained. Sufficient rest must be taken care of between that muscle group, and/or indirect movers. If you want to train chest but your triceps are sore it wouldn't be the best idea, the same with back and biceps. Shoulders are very tricky because they interact in basically every upper body muscle.

My current split normally is right now:
Monday- Chest
Tuesday- Back
Wednesday- Legs
Thursday- Shoulders
Fri- Arms
Rest on weekends, I end up pretty much fried.

You see that after shoulders (where triceps play an important role), I train arms. I haven't had problems these weeks so I don't need to change it. This split works well FOR ME. Maybe your chest workout is too uncomfortable so you can't train back the day after, you have to train lower body. Maybe your triceps weren't really bothering you so arms next day is no big deal. Maybe your legs lack a lot of development so you wanna increase frequency and do them twice a week. You may train 7 days a week more than 1 time per day, you may be only training for 4 days in the week, it depends on YOU, you shouldn't fool yourself and be lazy though. Most people looking for serious progress will have to train a minimum of 5 days.

Focus on which muscle groups interact during any given training day, to have the clue of what you're gonna be training next day, or if you're taking a day off (in the split). I won't give that to you, because if after a few months you don't know that pulldowns are for lats and lateral raises are for delts it may be a better option to find a new hobby.

Most important, you need to start to listen to the feedback that your body gives you. If you're following program A but your tricep joints feel like shit, would you add more weight the next workout because the table says so? You need to learn that because nobody can notice better than you.


My typical menu is something like

8am - Tuna fish from 180gr can + baked potato with olive oil
10am - 400gr yogurt + oats
12m - chicken leg with rise/potatoes
16pm - milk + oats or bacon with little bread
20pm pork + potatoes

During the day if i am hungry i eat bacon, almond, sour cream or a chocolate
I eat something that google translate says it is "sour cream" in english, i don`t know if it would make any sense to you :smiley:


MEYMZ thanks for the suggestions.
But can you tell me each day whick excersises do you do ?

The gym i go to is on the other side of the street so i dont have any problem with going twice a day, its just that i don`t know what to do.

I have been training for about 3 years, 3 to 4 times a week, tryed programmes like 5x5... 5/3/1,
but never a typical hypertrophy programme.


You need to

a) Find about 5 possible exercises for each muscle group that you can progress on
b) select about 3 for now
c) Group things together so that, ideally, the muscles you trained yesterday, are rested today, and so on
d) Eat a lot more. Relatively, that may be 'lots' to you but I am not a 'huge' eater and only weigh -200lbs and that is not enough for anyone to grow off of.

I currently do:

M) Shoulders
T) Off
W) Chest/bis
T) Back/tris
f) Off
S) Bis/Tris
s) Legs and abs

Some would say to do more legs, I don't want to. But you can see how mostly, except for maybe chest>triceps on weds>thurs, Everything is nicely spaced out. The key is not so much how you train or what you do, you just need to get better/stronger, and don't get injured.

For that you need to select exercises which don't injure you (eg I never do dips as these fuck with my shoulders) and eat in a manner so that you gain weight on the bar, and on your body, consistently.


Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Delts and traps
Day 4: Bis and Tris
Day 5: Legs
Read John Meadows articles, and threads on (blank) how do you train from respected forum members who have the development to show for it.




If you can't figure it out using this advice, find a new past time.