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Suggest Improvements to Diet/Supps


My goal is to Bulk up

1st meal in the morning:
-4 egg whites
-250ml orange juice
-2 scoops of weight gainer

2nd meal:
-Protein bar (20g)

3rd meal:
-Chicken breast/2-3 slices of turkey
-1.5 cup of rice
-Booster Juice/2 scoops of weight gainer

4th meal (preworkout):
-some junk food (pizza slice or whatever)
-2 scoops creatine/NO product
-2 scoops of weight gainer

1 scoop of intra-workout supp.

5th meal:
-2 cups of rice/3 flatbreads
-1 cup of vegetables
-Red meat
-2 scoops weight gainer

6th snack:
-2 scoops of weight gainer

Before bed:
-1 scoop of whey protein

Yes I do drink a lot of water (mostly mixed with weight gainer or protein)

This diet worked for me pretty well (gained 15 pounds in 2 and a half weeks)

Being very honest regarding this..would appreciate any suggestions on things I could add/remove from the diet/supp to get better results.



15 pounds in 2.5 weeks?!

And how much of this is muscle?


Half of it is fat, the other is impassable fecal matter building up from all the weight gainer he is chugging.


Haven't done a body-comp. lately so I cant say how much is muscle but my strength went up Quite a bit.

Anywho, back on topic! Can I get some suggestions on the diet/supp? thanks.


Is this the diet that has taken you from 125 lbs to 140 lbs as per your "Rate my Physique" thread you posted? Also, your before bed meal has you consuming "straight protein powder" have you considered taking the "ghey protein powder"?


I wouldn't call it a meal so much..its just whey protein..


All that weight gainer can't be good....I would try to substitute some naturally dense foods like nuts/healthy fats.


Defs. I'll try to do that..its just 2 full servings of weight gainer though, is it really harmful?


maybe try a casein shake before bed instead of whey.


Will do..yeah timed release would be better. Thanks!


It's not going to say its terrible, but there are definitely better ways. I get a lot harder when my nutrition comes from real food as opposed to shakes. It's harder to plan and get everything down sometimes but its something I would suggest shooting for.


Yeah dude, its a pain to drink that many shakes..maybe I'll cut out some servings and replace it with whole foods instead..I'm just trying to think what foods will have enough calories to replace a shake.


maybe start adding sauces to your meat for more calories/carbs.


Great idea, I should!..and I will, point taken. I think I also need to add more red meat.


Was also thinking of adding multi-vit. pack and greens..would that provide any advantage when bulking? Truth be told, I've never used multi-vitamins. I am highly considering them though.


A good multi can't hurt but there is some question as to how effective they actually are. I would suggest a greens supp or Superfood if you're having troulble eating enough fruits and veggies.

I always try to keep my fruits and veggies in proportion to everything else I am eating. It's a personal preference, and I feel way better when I do.


I think the same and recently I've started eating whole foods more, it does feel much more complete....


You can always add oils to your shakes to quickly bump up your caloric intake without even really noticing.

I use coconut or olive oil, sometimes both. I can barely taste either one and they give my MD shakes a really nice smooth texture.


eat whole eggs, and more of them, like 10 a day at least


Am I missing something? Why are people telling him to eat more if he gained 15lbs in 2 weeks?