Suggest a Routine?

Fierce 5 Upper and lowerbody split or suggest a program?

My stats

17 years old
84kg (Overweight i want to lose weight also)

when i was 15 i started lifing for fun i was doing starting strength back then. i added some tricep work and bicep work my weight back then is 70kg my stats back then 1RM SQ: 140lbs DL: 240lbs BP: 90-100lbs
then when june 2016 i stopped going to the gym i have an accident my radial bone was fractured in a bike accident. and im still in theraphy but i have a permission to the doctor to lift weights but in my experience its hard to lift heavy weights in 1-5RM my form collapsed because of my right arm radial bone forearm injury especially when benching. i cant straight my right arm so for triceps i do dips and skull crushers like a half rep or something…

please give suggestions… i will not blame my injury for excuses instead ill use it as a motivation

sorry im not good in english. hope someone helps me.

Damn, I had it.

Try the search function, I think it’s there.

You’ve got more options than you know

You’re injured so I wouldn’t work against that. from what I see is that you are relatively weak at your current bodyweight. You could easily build that up slowly as you work through rehabilitation. Couple that with a good diet and something to burn fat and you’re already one step closer to your end goal. NOTHING extreme needed

Be patient and focus on the things you can change. You’re young. You’d be surprised how much better you could look if you just changed your body composition
First and foremost tho, get healthy.

Try Allpro’s routine.It has only one very heavy day per week and with a higher rep scheme.Don’t front squat(fierce 5) with your injury.Take fish oil.Don’t bench with elbows flared out,tuck them inside 45 degrees towards your body and keep the forearms vertical.You can also do some farmer carries with moderate weights to promote forearm recovery and strength.

thank you for your input sir. ill do what u suggest thank you

okay i see i cannot use barbell especially when benching and my right arm i cant straight it at all. so i cant do conventional deadlift and barbell movements etc… i mainly use dumbells and machines… can you suggest other program i dont like the template of allpro routine… thank you. and i bench with neutral grip and i cant do pressdown because i cant straight my arm…


September -

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this is my brother account should i create a new one or can i use this unless i put my stats i think its okay?

Your brother seems confused about his age. And his height. And weight. And bodyfat. And how long he’s been training.

April, which is 2 months before “he” was 170 pounds at 12% bodyfat with 6 years lifting experience -

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its okay if u dont trust me im just using my brother account to ask in this forum.

Yeah, no, not buying it.