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Suggest A Program


I am a fat guy looking to get strong and cut a bit of weight. I want a simple program, just big main lifts. Any suggestions? I have CW's older book muscle revolution, I love that. Just wondering if anyone could help me find a basic program for just big main lifts like: bench squats deads rows. I basically want as few different lifts as possible while working the most muscles possible.


JUst to name a few: Madcow/Bill Starr 5x5 Beginner (linear progression), Stronglifts 5x5 (www.stronglifts.com), Starting Strength, Waterbury Total Body Training, Cosgrove http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/hacking_your_strength_training , Westside for Skinny Bastard...

Just pick one of them, follow it to the T for AT LEAST 6-8 weeks, then make adjustements if needed.



Like he said, pick one, the simpler the better, and stay on that for a while before moving on. Don't go reading and looking for new programs until you have done the one you picked for at least a couple of months (many folks get so hung up on switching programs all the time that they never give the one they are on the chance to finish doing what it was set up to do...don't let that be you!).


I have done a few different CW programs from his book, I just want to get back to simpler programs where I can focus on a few exercises to maximize my intensity on the exercises I do. I was hoping you guys would suggest some I have not tried. It seems to have worked thanks for the suggestions.


Starting Strength. Proven tried and true.


Cressey's maximum strength program might also be worth looking into.


sweet guys thanks for the programs Ill look into all of them. I have a few weeks before I have to change programs so I will read it up and pick the best one for me.


Chad Waterbury's Total Body Training is basically just 4 compound movements with 2 isolation movements for 3 workouts a week.....check it out, sounds like exactly what you want.


I'll second that. I made my best gains on TBT. Good Luck.