Suggest a "Fun" Supplement

My diet, rest and training are pretty well dialed. But, im about to place my once-every-six-weeks supplement order, and i sometimes like throw in a “fun” supp that costs about $30 just to try out and see what its like. In the past, this has been a pre-workout, L-Arginine, creatine, or a small container of whey isolate. Basically, stuff i dont need, but something that provides a little kick, but is cheap and would kinda spice up the gym/diet/supp monotony.

I currently take:
Fish oil
Multi Vitamin
Vitamin D

Creatine again

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Cocaine will spice up a gym session.


Microdose creatine.

I would try the Brain Candy


HMB, have with preworkout meal

Brain Candy is something I’d definitely try and sounds “fun” like you asked.

Alternatively, you can tighten up your workout nutrition using highly branched cyclic dextrin and casein hydrolyzed. I know this is more expensive than what you mentioned, but it might really be worth a try.

Sleep supplements like 5-HTP can be useful to some people.

If you are looking for something a bit more expensive, Indigo-3G and Micro-PA are something I’d look at (no, I’m not sponsored by Biotest lol) as they are different than most of the common supplements.

And of course, creatine.

Carbolin 19 is fun .
Well it is for me anyway :sweat_smile:


Save up for a bottle of Alpha Male.

How’s Carbolin affected your training?

Does it affect mood & well being?

Yes it makes me strong and horny . LOL

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Only one testimonial on the Carbolin bottle:

“It makes me strong. And horny.”

Sales increase 100% :smiley:


Brain Candy gave me the WORST and most voluminous gas ever!

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Wow! Good to know!

Yea, drank it on my lunch break at work. Last 4 hours was total stomach and gut discomfort

That’s no fun!

  1. Z-12 improved my sleep quality immediately. Sometimes I have to wake up at night due to may son’s diabetes management, and Z-12 does not make me foggy, but it keeps me relaxed to I fall right back to sleep.

  2. Mag-10 is a good workout supplement for me. Its not too high in carbs but provides electrolytes in addition to protein. I don’t add any flavoring.

So are you drinking unflavored hydrolyzed casein? How can you cope with the vomit-like taste?

I think it’s legitimately possible that I’ve personally consumed more brain candy than any other living human. Not kidding. I bought it when it first came out, and have never gone more than a week without it since then. It’s been out for at least 4 years I think, and there have been maybe 20-30 days total that I’ve missed with it, mostly due to travel.

Speaking of: Biotest should totally come up with a travel-size brain candy for airplanes. I’ve gotten away with bringing brain candy on a handful of flights, because I’m a white male which means I can do anything at an airport, but it would be nice to not have to break the rules.

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