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Suggest a Beginner Program?

What kind of a split and paramters do beginner’s work well with?

I have a friend who asked me to design him a program. He’s an ectomorph in every sense of the word, and hasn’t touched a barbell in his life, but now wants to get bigger.

I think newbies benefit more from high rep training, so I was thinking about four weeks of an HST type program (15 reps for two weeks, then 10 reps for two). Basically, full-body three days a week high rep but low volume training. Something really simple that wouldn’t have him overtraining. Then move into and undulating periodization scheme to bring his strength up. Maybe ABBH or something similar.

Any suggestions? Should I just forget about all the isolation stuff that HST incorporates and get him moving heavy weights with the basic compound movements?

Hi there Invincible,

This is actually my first post, but I’ve been scoping out T-Nation for about a year now. I felt compelled to reply to your inquiry. Sounds like you’re on the right track in suggesting your ectomorphic buddy stick to the basics. The HST program is a good one for beginners just as it is. It’s not too neurologically demanding on the body, and provides a good variety which is key to keeping your buddies interest.

I’m no strength coach, or expert by any means, but from my personal experience, 15+ years of lifting, and through my constant research in the realm of fitness, I know that beginners need to get a good grasp of the basics before you start talking splits, or any other advanced techniques. Just get him a solid technical, and strength foundation and he’ll be set for the rest of his weightlifting years.

Old Time Lifter