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Sugars for PWO Shake


What is the differnce between the 3? im looking into making a post workout shake, 2:1 carbs:protein. Dextrose & Maldextrine seem to be a popular choice for simple carbs, but what the hell is Maldextrose? From what i can find, it seems to a complex carb, but still raises the hell out of your insulin levels...


Here you go bro google is ye friend

Malto. is a VERY simple NOT complex sugar making it perfect for PWO.

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Easiest thing to do is get Surge. You can buy Malto however if you feel like playing home chemist at many brewing stores etc.

Hope that helps,


That's pretty-much all you need to know. The insulin-spike is the reason why its in PWO shakes. The idea is that insulin drives the protein into your cells.

You're going to have a hard time finding a seller for Maldextrine, but you should be able to find Dextrose online or at some health food stores.


As mentioned, you can buy some from a brewery. You can also get dextrose online.

I would highly recommend Surge. Placebo or not, my workouts really suffer without it. I sip it throughout my workout. When I am finished I dump in one scoop of Biotest's creatine and down it.