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sugars, fat storage, and cholesterol

 What can I say? I've been reading a lot of stuff. I'm sure a few know wwhat im talking about and could probably complete what i have to say or even correct me (u know, if you're john berardi with a phd).
 Sugars don't get converted directly into fat. They're instead converted to acetates which attach to fat molecules. These acetates attach strand after strand to the fat molecules. The end molecules eventually turns so big, the body cannot metabolize it for energy. It instead turns it into cholesterol. My point? Well, you might want to keep in check 1)your body fat levels, as high bf levels will more likely lead to this occurence, and 2) watch your carbohydrate intake, especially your simple, high glycemic carbs, as these rush into your system at once and leave your body not much choice 9with the exclusion of course, of the post workout shake, and maybe breakfast).

I think you’re preaching to the choir, shredded steel. (Are you related to stainless?)