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Sugars and Creatine

When taking creatine, it says to mix with either grape or apple juice.
I am not sure but i think its because of the simple sugars found in the juices gets broken down quickly, and therefore the creatine is delivered to the muscles and not wasted. Would taking creatine with just water or putting it in my protien shake an adding some spoonfulls of table sugar have the same effect??

Cy as well as others have talked about this very subject many times. It is in one of his more recent articles I think It say that it doesnt really help that much if at all. The main thing is to mix it in a warm liquid so it dissolves and just take it.

also it may be onf benefit to take it in your carb protein ( Surge ) w/o drink on training days. For that dose.

All in all it boils down to simply taking 5 gs or so. No big deal, no need to load it.

But if you like juice and dont mind, or need the empty k/cals go for it

Hope that helps,

I’ve takin creatine in everything, juice protein shakes and just plain old water and had the exact same results