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Sugar VS Fats, Which is Worse?


Apologies if this has been covered,

My understanding that its all about calories in and calories out,

so if you want to gain muscle mass, then excess calories
if you want tolose fat, then deficiency of calories

so if you are leaning down or attempting to, I guess you are looking at getting a shortage of calories,

so which out of sugars and fats should you be avoiding more??? and why please?

does one turn bad quicker or does one get processed slower,

eg a coke has roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar which is a LOT


something that is deep fried?

if someone could point me in the right direction ,that will be appreciated!


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It ain't that simple, black vs white.
Its about understanding how your body works in regard to hormone manipulation through food intake.
If you have to choose between coke and smth deep friend, i thing you should choose starving.
Read about simple carbs, complex carbs, types of fat, insulin.


Sugar, or simple carbohydrates can be beneficial for peri-workout shakes, and you need some essential fats to make sure your body is functioning properly. Which one is worse? I don't know, but limit both sugar intake and deep fried stuffs if you're trying to get lean. Why do you want to know which one is worse anyway? If we said that fat is worse, are you going to drink coke all day thinking that it's okay since you only ate 0.1g of fat?


fats are essential, sugar is not


and your point is...??


alcohol is worse.


1 gram fat ~ 9 Cal 1 gram sugar ~ 4 Cal


The sugar is the poor choice. Fats and proteins have existed for 40,000 years. Refined sugar becomes a problem. As someone becomes insulin resistant, the extra weight is sent to the waist area, in men, hip and thigh area for females. Stick with the good fats like fish and krill oil.


thanks everyone,

Was just wondering for the cheat meal if one was worse then the other, so if you must cheat then which does the less damage.

obviously if one is better then the other then Im not going to overload on one of them...

yesterday I had played a few hours of team sport and after the sport there is about 30 mins of sit down and snack with your opposition, where food is provided, and I was faced with

drink: Beer, Coke, Tea, Cofee, Water
Food: Meat pies, crackers with cheese, Tim Tams, Deep fried chips/fries, Cheese Bread

and I was starving so I ended up having 1L of water and 2 Tim Tams

so wondering what the best option would have been the tim tams vs the cheese bread

or the tim tams vs the deep fried


what the hell is a Tim Tam?


Dude, what? If it's a cheat meal eat whatever the hell you want...?


After sports/excerise go for the sugars + protein.


Go for the cheese and coffee


Fat makes you fat...any idiot knows that.


agreed, do you still need protein or is it beneficial after say doing aerobic activity eg. tennis, running around etc.

although I suppose you do use your muscles during any sport


If it's a cheat meal, then there's no need to lose sleep over what to eat, that's the point of a cheat meal; a psychological break from dieting. Eat anything you want, just don't go overboard. And avoid trans fats.

Normally for cheat meals, I would go for a higher carb, medium protein and low fat meal and I eat it after a workout. My normal diet is lower carb, high protein and medium fat.


Posts like this make me laugh because I bring my own food with me so I don't have to enter into the which is the lesser of two evils games.

The answer to your question "which is worse, sugar or fat" is laziness. It's a false delema and a situation avoided by those who truely want to change their body composition.


Sugar is worse.


I would rather eat 5 slices of bacon than 5 twinkies, no doubt.