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sugar substitues

i use equal, or splenda, to make stuff like oatmeal and cottage cheese somewhat more palpatable. people commonly say that those products cause cancer. is this just a popular myth, or does it have some truth behind it?


You’re probably referring to Equal, which is aspartame. Aspartame is controversial. Some swear by it, others think it’s harmful. As far as I know, the jury’s still out on that.

Splenda is the trade name for sucralose, a slight variation of sucrose (sugar). I do know it has maltodextrin in it, but I’m not sure what else. It’s derived from natural ingredients, and is safe in my opinion. I use it.

Yes, it has maltodextrin binded to it so it’s actually not carb free in high servings. (Splenda, that is)

Aspartame has never been shown to cause cancer, it has only shown to be related to cancer in RATS at extremely high doses, which if you converted it would be roughly a several hundred grams or more in humans. you have nothing really to worry abvout with equal or splenda for that matter. studies in humans haven’t shown any correlation between aspartame and cancer. so unless your a rat ur fine.


Btw the studie was over a considerably long study can’t rememmber but it was like 6 weeks at these doses.