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Sugar & Obesity: No Link?

[quote]Professor X wrote:
fractional knowledge wrote:
You are correct that overall lifestyle is the root. However, diet is a huge part and most of these kids consume quite a bit of soda and other sugar sweetened beverages. I should also say that obesity is not the only problem especially with children. The other problem is diabetes.

Why, again, are you trying to make such a hardcore connection between obesity and sodas? Do you honestly think kids are all fat because of Coke? Inactivity would be my guess as the number one cause of obesity, not sodas.[/quote]

Who said I was making a hardcore connection? The purpose is to find other factors that contribute. We know how physical activity contributes. Your guess may not be far off.

[quote]starkmann wrote:
I hate Pepsi corp and Coca Cola because I am a weak willed fatty who can’t seem to stay on the wagon when it comes t that crap.[/quote]

I just finished a summer internship at Pepsico (the computer side)… and be it directly or indirectly related I really dig Pepsi One now that it is made with splenda. Were it not for that (and diet rite, the splenda diet coke, diet 7 up with splenda etc) I would fully agree with you.

Aspartame gives me a little headache, maybe a little cancer too… I don’t know.

wasn’t there a post/article here recently about a study which showed a correlation to weight gain via drinks with artificial sweeteners despite the fact they were calorically insignificant?

[quote]vroom wrote:
So, if it is calories in vs calories out, what part of “sugar is nothing but empty calories” is it that they don’t understand?[/quote]

beat me to it…

Interestingly enough, my 3 month old’s pediatrician recommended putting 3 tablespoons of Karo syrup (light corn syrup) in all of his bottles to prevent constipation. She also recommended soy formula when he was born (which I didn’t do to the poor kid, but we are doing the Karo thing). I’m not sure this is “proper nutrition”, but I don’t have an M.D. after my name.

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:

Briscoe said that U.S. per capita consumption of sugar has declined to an estimated 63 pounds in 2002 from 102 pounds in 1972. Including waste, spoilage and other loss, the actual per capita sugar consumption figure declines to 45 pounds per person.

I have to wonder if Big Sugar is fiddling with some numbers here. Given that soft drink consumption is through the roof and kids drink more soda than water… are they all swilling diet? I doubt it. [/quote]

I bet High fructose corn syrup is not counted as sugar, almost everything uses this in place of Sugar.

If a teaspoon of sugar really only has 15 calories then perhaps it is not all bad. Personally I love a Tablespoon of brown sugar in my oatmeal, it has a flavor that splenda can’t duplicate.

15 calories is one miserly teaspoon! Most people would probably get 20-25 in a normal heap.

I like a tab spoon brown sugar in my oats, too. Only the hardest of hardcore anti-carb nazis could possibly fault such a meager indulgence.