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Sugar in Surge

In every postworkout article that I have read by JB he recommends 50% Maltodextrin and 50% Dextrose. So I was wondering, why dose Surge list 45 of the 49 grams of carbs as sugars? As far as I Knew Maltodextrin was a complex carb so shouldn’t it be around 25 grams of sugar?

I’ve wondered the same thing. My only thought is that since maltodextrin pretty much acts like sugar, the good old boys at Biotest decided to list it functionally as a sugar rather than structurally as a complex carb.

i too thought the same thing.

I was just wondering if i couldn’t afford Surge, or didn’t have any, would there be any benefit from eating a snickers bar and a chicken breast?

Maltodextrin is glucose polymers…so techinally are sugars.

No, stick with some high GI carbs and complete protein. Yogurt and cereal like Berardi recommends would be a better way to go.

Animal protein is digested too slow and sucrose (the main sugar in snickers) isn’t optimal for post workout. Also, the fat content will slow absorption further. If you can’t afford SURGE, you can find something cheeper and more effective (another supplement) than a snickers bar and a chicken breast. For example, EAS Simply Whey ($0.78 for 25 grams) and TwinLab Ultra Fuel (maltodextrin powder) for $0.43 per 50 gram serving would be $1.21; it’s no surge, but it sure beats a snickers bar and a chicken breast.


Maltodextrin is hardly a complex carb, in fact it creates more of a blood sugar spike than dextrose. Sugar is a blanket term that loosely defines many “types” of sugars. The FDA requires the amount of any sugars to be listed on food lables regardless of their kind(fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin, etc…).

If you can’t afford Surge, use whey protein concentrate with either a 50/50 malto/dextrose blend or simply straight dextrose. This would be much better than yogurt and cereal. You should be able to find dextrose in a bulk food store labelled as corn sugar. Maltodextrin is a little harder to find, but you can get a year’s supply for well under $50.

Joel, you say sucrose isnt good, but if its good enough for Tipton et al for basically all their experiments, why not?