sugar free Jello- zero carb treat?

i was just wondering what everyone thought about sugar free jello being a zero carb treat. The ingrediants list maltodextrin but the total carbs are zero. any thoughts?

I ate some during my keto diet and did aight. One thing to note that the bastig jello filled me up and I barely could force myself to drink the shake about 1 hr later. I also noticed it had malodexetrin, but also aspartame… maybe it has like .5g of carbs per serving so it doesn’t have to list it on the per serving dealie? or .6g I forget where the cutoff point is where they have to list 1g of carbs…

if It has maltodextrin it can’t have 0 carbs. I thought Sugar free jello used asparatame?

Asparatame, like most of the artificial sweetners, use maltodextrin as the “carrier” for the sweetner as the sweetner is to concentrated to use without a substance to dilute and carry it. Even the little blue or pink packets of artificial sweetners say zero carbs/calories but list maltodextrin on ingrediants. Manufactures, by rule, can list zero carbs or calories if 1 serving has LESS than 1 carb/calories. The amount of maltodextrin used to carry the sweetner is a negligable amount with supposedly less than 1 gram carb and less than 1 calorie. It’s such a miniscule amount as to not worry about.

Yes, sugar-free Jello is ok. It only has 10 cal/serving if I recall. You can also use some of the light whipped creams for topping. I had one that was only 1 g. carb/serving…can’t remember the brand. All-time fave for keto was 1.5 serv. AP or Low-carb Grow, 5 tbsp, heavy whipping cream and a serving of Splenda…mix into pudding and enjoy.

I’m not sure what the processing trick is but splenda (sucralose) lists maltodextrin as its only ingredient and it does not have any calories. I think that has some info on sucralose processing and the same thing might be going on with the maltodextrin in sugar-free jello. That’s my guess.

If I recall correctly, Splenda is made by chemically modifying a sugar molecule with the addition of a chorine molecule to the sugar molecule which leaves the new sugar/chorine molecule tasting just like sugar but the digestive tract is unable to break it down and absorb or digest it. They advertise it to be made with “real sugar” so that it tastes like sugar but you cann’t digest it. I really like splenda but after the factory burned down last year and it took them 6 months to rebuild, I cann’t find anybody that sells it in the big boxes and the little boxes are so damned expensive. If the box lists maltodextrin as the ingrediant, they must be using that with chorine instead of real sugar like they advertise but supposedly, it’s somewhat natural as opposed to the chemical sweetners.