Sugar-Free/Fat-Free Ice Cream

How bad are the Sugar-Free/Fat-free Ice Creams for you? I have found some great tasting ones (thought there are some BAD ones) and like to treat myself with some for dessert after certain meals. Are they bad for you say if I used them as part of my solid meal after my post workout shake?

Anyone? Please?

No way man, ice cream isn’t bad for you. It has a perfect profile for muscle anabolism and helps to burn fat while protecting against cancer and heart problems :slight_smile: Just kidding bud, but I think you know the answer to your own questions. Ice cream, even the sugar or fat-free kinds, shouldn’t be a staple of any bodybuilding diet. Just treat yourself every couple of weeks with some B&J’s.

Treat yourself every couple of weeks with some B&J’s. No way dude. I personally would like to treat myself a couple of times a day with a good BJ…Oops, were not talking about that are we? :wink: ;). But it would be nice!:slight_smile:

But why treat myself only every couple of weeks with a fat and calorie filled B&J’s when I enjoy the taste just as much but with less sugar, fat and calories. Couldnt I treat myself more often with this and reap similar results? esspecially as part of the post workout window solid meal?

Dude, just eat the sugar free ice cream. I eat 3 or 4 sugar free popsicles a day when on a diet for losing fat. Don’t go overboard, but a serving or two a day won’t hurt too much. I wouldn’t try to work it into a post-workout nutrition plan. Use wholesome foods for that, then eat the ice cream as a snack some other time. (Eat some protein with it!)

Sugar free popsicles are low in calories, while sugar free ice cream has fat and is not low in calories. If you want to eat ice cream so damn bad, than eat it. But your goals will be attained easier if you eliminate it. If you want a treat, just do what Choad does and chow down sugar free popsicles or sugar free jello.

It’s OK to treat yourself to some ice cream every couple of (any type, just do it in moderation). I personally do that (Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt actually), and in between those treats eat unlimited Dole 100% fruit juice bars (with no sugar/artificial sweetners, just the natural fructose from the juice), which only have 25 calories each and is basically the same as drinking 1/3 cup of fruit juice.

actually it is both sugar free and fat free and only 90 calories a serving.