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Sugar free drinks + GI

Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but an increase in glycemic index causes an insulin response in the body, essentially making it so that whatever is in the blood stream nutrient wise is stored in the cells. Hence the protein + carbohydrate PWO with high GI, combining P+C, etc.

When combining P+F, this lack of insulin should result in the fat not being stored in the cells. However, would I be correct in assuming that the aspartame/splenda in sugar free juices eaten with a P+F meal would spike blood sugars, thus ruining the point?

I beleive a have read that when you drink things like diet pepsi is still causes a responce because the body taste the sweetness. Could be wrong though.

I sincerely doubt that a response is caused by taste, but I’d like to get a more official view on whether or not aspartame and sucrose spike GI.

Can I ask a stupid question, why are you drinking juice, “sugar free” at that?

Juice is shit, drink water like everyone else.

That’s like fucking without never cumming. If you’re going to cheat, at least do it respectably.

Actually, wouldnt taking Diet Pepsi be a problem because of <i>caffeine</i> and its negative impact on insulin mechanisms?

I recall T-Mag wrote an article about caffeine and diabetic-like sugar-level curves, even in non-diabetics, some while back.

do you mean sucralose instead of sucrose?

The powder forms of AS, packets and pourable have maltodextrin as a filler so yes, it can create an insulin response. Liquid forms of AS are carb free. There has been talk of the sweet taste of AS triggering an insulin response and sweet cravings. Not in everyone, but some individuals.

with reference to your last post, do you mean sucralose instead of sucrose?

If the diet drink causes an insulin response I doubt it would be that much. Keep in mind that even a P+F meal will result in an elevated insulin level.

I know many people, including myself, who consume large quantities of diet pop when cutting and still get ripped.

Aspertame is considered to have a low GI and yes taste alone can cause the body to spike for a moment. Taste, smell, sight, hearing, etc can have secondary effects on your body. For example, you see a comercial for a juicy steak and your mouth waters, then you brain sends a signal to you digestive tract to prepare for eating…all along the dang steak is on TV. Just my 2 cents.


Sort of. . .The glycemic load of a food doesn’t determine the amount of insulin produced in the body. The complex relationship of glycemic index to insulin index shows that insulin production in the body is not fully understood, even for ingestion of a single food at a time. Let alone for the interactions in real meals that people actually eat.

Protein does cause some insulin response. You just don’t want high levels of insulin during times that your muscle cells, in particular, can’t use all that glucose. This capacity varies widely between individuals.

I’ve seen claims that aspartame has a GI of 0. So I think the logical working hypothesis would be that sugar-free sweeteners, which are non-caloric, would NOT spike blood sugar. It would be worth testing, though; lots of “common sense” assumptions about the body have proven false.

Whatever the case here, I bet this is a minor nutritional point unless you are drinking a ton of the stuff. And this is also a minor point when you are young and have (likely) excellent insulin sensitivity.

I believe the latest information on this says in moderation its ok. I suppose if you are drinking 12 a day you are getting a lot of “garbage” with the artificial sweeteners and everything else in there. Its pretty bad when you can pour a soda on something and its corrosive. :slight_smile:

I believe I meant sucralose, sorry about that bikeboy. And to greekdawg- I’m obviously not drinking juice, because that would be just a plain dumbassed question. I was referring to things like Crystal Light and Diet Pepsi, which I don’t consider a cheat. I’m not sure where you got the impression I was drinking regular juices…

Also, I’m talking on the scale of one bottle of the crystal light stuff w/ dinner, or possibly a diet pepsi late at night. My rule is no more than one pop a day, always diet, and no more than 4-5 a week.