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Sugar Cubes and Sports

So I am a coach for a junior (highschool) level rowing club. I am always thinking of ways to make my rowers perform to the best of there abilities.So all these kids are under 18 and as a coach I cant give much advice to them other then telling them to eat healthy, without some parent barking at me about how I shouldn’t tell them how to raise there kid.

Here is my idea. Rowing is a sport the uses 75% leg and 25% upper body power. They go through rigorous training that usually is short burst pieces. Generally no longer then two thousand meters. They also erg five hundred meters sprints that require “full pressure” effort.

During intense exercises your body uses 45% sugar from your muscles? I am not sure about that. But in any case, what I want do is give them a sugar cube or two before there work out and see if there on water and erg scores improve with the fast acting carbs given to them. Should it be dissolved in water first? Or maybe just taken directly and dissolved in the mouth.

Appreciate any feed back. Thanks guys.

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where did you get this?

^^^that is news to me.

add some GHB tothe sugar and you maybe on to something.

[quote]JGerman wrote:
^^^that is news to me.

add some GHB tothe sugar and you maybe on to something. [/quote]

i dont think he’s trying to rape is players bro haha

anyway, simple carbohydrates given during periods of physical exertion should allows muscle glycogen stores to be replenished more rapidly, should provide a greater pool of readily available energy, should allow for increased intensity during the physical exertion

now, as far as sugar cubes? well, why not just dissolve sugar in water? why not just have them drink some sort of electrolytically-enhanced sports beverage? i guess im just confused as to the SUGAR CUBE

also, if they are (as my guess) unable to consume while actually exerting physically (as while swimming) then they should sip beverages with simple carbs before, during and after that physical exertion

also, much research suggests that athletes perform better on a supplement of simple carbohydrates + protein than simple carbs alone. something to chew on

but my suggestion is just AAS, IMO