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Knowing that consuming sugar of any kind is bad if you are looking for results.
But most of the people i know are not that all disciplined to completly cut off their sugar cravings...me being the first...
Does that make weak of caracter? I don't think so...
What helpful hints can you give us (the moderate bodybuilder looking to gain mass and definition without taking the roids)...


I am BIG on sugar cravings. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. A TRUE sweet tooth (not fatty sweet tooth) - in othe words, I love Mike-n-Ikes, Hot Tamales, Red Vines, etc. So, in the beginning of pre-contest, I plan on a "wind up" period of about 10-days where I can still have my candy in the morning. Usually after that period, I'm done and fully entrenched in pre-contest. If you absolutely in need of some sweets - may I suggest you stop by your neighborhood grocery store that has bulk foods/candies. Buy just a whittle hand full of your sweet treat - eat it and that will be that. Also, as your eating, look at some photos of yourself competing or at whoever you admire. THAT'LL finish that craving......trust me.


sugar isn't all bad, read up on post workout nutrition, the way I manage is... supplement my protein shake with dextrose (carb if you weren't aweare) for my post workout drink, and then have like 2 pieces of "fun size" candy. This is only on workout days (4 times a week), I kinda think of that as my reward. Anywho best of luck to you.


I get cravings for krispy kreme donuts and cinnabons every once in a while...so hard to ignore....must...do..it...


MD6 works very well for me in that regard.


leptin, carbups, nuff said