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Sugar - Bread and LOW Testosterone


yo guys, my question is will bread or sugar make natural testosterone level low? i read about this thing in internet and need to know if its true or not. thanks


If it did, 100 percent of the population would be hypogonadal.


the true i think is when you take lot of sugar and bread you getting fat and when you got fat your test level go down. maby thats why people thinks sugar and bread will make T level low.


Obesity is something that ruins a lot of things. I was obese throughout my childhood and into adulthood. It’s likely that it has a major factor in my hormonal imbalances despite being years having recovered. There’s not a single function that the body performs that’s not impaired with clinical obesity. However, sugar and carbohydrates are very very important, low carb diets cause a lot of damage. Moderation is key as with everything.


i think you are right, humans body need those things, lats say too much is everything bad but with normal intake, it will no’t damage body.