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Sugar, an Infographic

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Sugar just as addicting as cocaine… Hmm…Interesting!

[quote]stefan128 wrote:
Sugar just as addicting as cocaine… Hmm…Interesting![/quote]

is this news?

good stuff, thanks for posting

Original Coca Cola must have been one hell of a drug.

In doses above a few teaspoons sugar might as well be called fat.

Tell that to the skiploaders.

Good Stuff!

The takeaway I got was that a lot of people drink too much soda. Some of the other stuff there was a bit silly. Sugar isn’t evil, it’s just another source of energy that I can use to become more powerful!

In fact, what the hell is even so bad about sugar besides the fact that some people do zero physical activity and then consume way too many calories, many of which may be through sugar and they don’t get enough other nutrients because sugar doesn’t have any? That’s not really anything bad about sugar, that’s just a lack of much good lol.

Also, is sugar seriously chemically addictive? I don’t see how it’s possible to literally be addicted to sugar. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I remember when I was a kid, around Easter I would literally eat like three pounds of chocolate (and nothing else) in one day and then pretty much not eat any significant amount of sugar till some other holiday. I’ve never felt like you could have sugar withdrawals or some kind of insatiable drive to consume sugar because of an addition or dependance. I could eat candy for days and then quit cold turkey, but maybe that’s just me lol.

How is sguar addcitive? MRI scans show that the same region of the brain that light up when exposed to things such as cocaine light up to sugar.

Reactive hypoglycemia can also cause us to seek out and crave more sugar to re-establish a healthy blood sugar range.

I myself have gone though periods where I’ll eat ice cream a few times a week , which is not normal. for me/But, if I don’t limit myself it’s very easy for me to crave it.

Another curious thing is, how often do people get a craving for broccoli?

not saying all these points mean addiction, there’s just something about sweet tasting things that go deeper than just 4 calories per gram