Sugar Alcohol

What is it? I see these protein bars at the store that are “Carb Concoius” and it says they have like 4 grams of sugar and like 30 of sugar alcohols. How are sugar alcohols different than sugar?

Depending on what sugar alcohol it is (Sorbitol, Maltitol, Xylitol, etc.) they have varying effects on how much they influence blood sugar gains and how much they are absorbed (Some are only partially absorbed, so can claim that they possess 2kcal per gram)

And will give you the shits in large amounts, due to the partial digestability.

Thanks! So in general they will have a lesser impact on blood sugar?

Pretty much, that’s why they are included in ‘Carb conscious’ bars, as they are ‘Non-impact’ cardohydrates.

A warning though, me and a few friends have pinpointed ‘The shits’ from sugar alcohols to be around 50g a day, so just 2 protein bars, if you are interested in knowing.

Everything I’ve read basically breaks it down to “your body isn’t sure what to do with sugar alcohols”, so while you end up not getting the effects of actual sugar (big insulin spike), some people do end up in the bathroom when ingesting large amounts -lol. I don’t mind munching on the occasional protein bar with sugar alcohols normally, but I will avoid most protein bars when I diet in favor if more shakes and chicken breasts.


Thanks for clearing that up!

Remember… Don’t mix sugar alcohols with driving, be safe. You’ll end up shitting all over your car seats.

[quote]elusive wrote:
Remember… Don’t mix sugar alcohols with driving, be safe. You’ll end up shitting all over your car seats.[/quote]

Uh, Oh! It looks like we have a young Adam Sandler on our hands!!

Coincidently, two days ago I was researching 0 sugar protein bars and came across this from another board:

"Most of the low carb bars have about 40-70 unexplained calories of glycerine (glycerol), This is a sugar alcohol and does not have to appear in the carb count, it both moistens and sweetens the bar at 4.3 calories per gram. The trouble is, when you store fat. the body converts triglycerides to glycerol to fat. Could this be why glycerol doesn’t raise insulin levels? So why give your body something that is one metabolyte away from fat? Everyone I know gets immediately leaner when they give up bars! Additionally, usually the second ingredient is hydrolized geletan, this is garbage protein!

Side Effects of sugar alcohols…They can cause abdominal discomfort and bloating and they also have a laxative effect. Consumption of 30 to 50 grams of sorbitol or xylitol, or 20 grams of mannitol, causes diarrhea in most people.

OK, when you store fat, your body converts glucose, to triglyceride, to glycerol, to FAT! Glycerol and glycerine are interchangable words, they are a sugar alcohol and don’t raise insulin level, but are one metabolite away from fat. Glycerine is used to sweeten and moisten bars, and does not have to be included in the carb count, but it does have to be in the calorie count!

So take your bar, (the new WWS Lemon is really bad, so are Biochem bars!) add up the P, C, And F at 4, 4, and 9 calories respectively. You will be left with 40-75 calories of glycerine. Divide that by 4.3 and you get grams of glycerine, usually 10-18!

Anyone on a cut will become leaner within days of giving up bars! I have done and seen this many times, especially watching guys “BLOW UP” post contest!"