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Sugar, Acidity, Simple Vegetable Proteins?


Does ingestion of sucrose, by any mechanism (related to metabolism of said sucrose, not to metabolism of other substances ingested with said sucrose), cause "acidity"?
i.e. are there any acid by-products (or end-products) of sucrose metabolism?
Or is it just (the usual) raw/vegan/naturistic/whatever-kind-of-idiot-who-ignores-phisiology idiocy?

Also, do veggies (anything non-animal actually) contain free amino-acids or oligopeptides instead of proteins? I can't help but roll my eyes when reading this, but since I don't have a good source to quote, I can only say that nowhere will anyone find free aminos (except in pills)... but what I say is unfounded... so?

Thank you very much,




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Are we talking significant quantities or trace?

Either way make your own 'scientific' journal add references to any article that hits in a pubmed search and call yourself an expert.

Anyhow, you're wrong because they exist in powders too.

Just to be safe we should eat vegetarians since they can concentrate the free aminos and oligopeptides for us. I hear they are a great source of both, but then again I might have made that up.


Well, them vegans say that veggies, unlike animal tissue, contain mostly free amino-acids and/or oligopeptides instead of complex proteins. My very basic knowledge of chemistry (which is still better than most vegans') tells me this is not plausible.

Also, I concur: it's a much better idea to eat vegans.


Just forget it...


Hmm...Come to think of it:
Zein, extensin, avenin, avenalin, gluten etc.

Ugh, when will vegans ever read up on basic chemistry...

Now, does sugar cause "acidity"/increase need for an acid buffer in the body?


it's pretty difficult to significantly alter blood pH, unless you are a diabetic or have some other metabollic disease. so, no.


"does sugar [...] increase need for an acid buffer?"

I know blood pH is maintained within a very tight range, that's why I mentioned this^




Any suggestion on what to read/google in order to have a better explanation for this?


stop reading stuff off the internet. again, it isn't something to worry about.


Maybe I should've clarified: I'm not interested in whether this is "good" or "bad", but about the science behind it.
I eat little sugar anyway, because I know it increases one's need for vitamins and minerals, and is also inflammatory.


I think it is the over-consumption that is the issue. Any acidic effects would likely be more the stomach irritation or acid reflux it aggravates in some people. I don't think this is the same as the acid/base issue some people react to with regards to the anion and cation salts processed by the kidneys.

Generally sugars are considered to be near neutral as are fats as they do not have the protein, phosphorus, chloride, and organic acids that are acidic nor the magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and bicarbonates that are basic.

Actual PRAL values (for 100g of food, negative is basic):
honey: -0.3
brown sugar: -1.2
white sugar: 0 (neutral)
At typical doses even insane Western intakes we can assume this is zero. A 100g serving of meat runs at around 8 or so and a veggie serving around -(4-5) (spinach is -(12-14)). The brown sugar and honey values are obviously from mineral content, in the case of brown sugar from the remaining molasses.

Fruits have sugar, some quite a bit, and they are all basic in terms of the potential renal acid load (PRAL) or net acid excretion (NAE) measurement/calculations. The mistaken assumptions seem to come from old bomb calorimetry data where the ashes of the burned substances was indeed acidic.

So pure sugar is neutral acidity-wise and other forms are slightly basic. Take that nutritional nutjobs.


Thank you very much mr. Orban.

Long live science...
I can't understand how dumb those whack-jobs can be to make such blatantly false affirmations, which are contradicted by basic physiology, anatomy etc...
(dumb, as in not realizing that after such statements they totally lose their credibility)