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Suffering Low T 15 Years After Teenage Steroid Use, Labs Included

Hi guys please help!

Have been having problems with all the usual low testosterone symptoms since I was 21 now I’m 36 so this has been about 15years now !

I used to work out and take steroids when I was was 17 did a few cycles with pct till I was 19 than stopped .

From 19 till 22 I was smoking a lot of marijuana than I stopped as I was getting a lot of anxiety !

Around age 21 I noticed my sex drive was low and felt depressed went to lots of endos thinking it was related to my testosterone levels but most prescribed anti depressants tho my total testosterone levels showed around 450ng/dL

Also importantly I have low sex drive and my sleep is really messed most of the time I can’t sleep till 4-5 am and wake in the afternoon not feeling fresh and I feel tired and shit all the time and mentally not alert or clear this has been going on almost since I was 24 and it’s gotten much worse now!

Went to an endo in 2016 and tried a cycle of 200mg/week test enanthate for 3months during which my libido did improve but the depression seemed to be same maybe I needed to adjust the dose and continue for longer to see improvements mentally?

Surprisingly I managed to get my gf pregnant sometime after the test cycle so my sperm count seems to be good I guess !

Please advice what is wrong , do I need to go on TRT for life ? I don’t care and actually look forward to it as long as it gets me out of this hell hole i have been living in for so long!

Also if I need trt I am still unmarried and want to have kids in a few years!

Guys please help me I am attaching pics of my full lab results that I have done after reading up on the forum.

Was SHBG tested as well? I don’t see it… but with free test that low, it is likely TRT would help you.

Your total test is low to begin with but free test is super low (about the same as mine actually) so I would bet your SHBG is pretty high

Others will be able to review these better than I can, but that’s the first thing I noticed.

My vitamin B12 levels are also low any concern?

No didnt get shbg tested as according to the forum sticky I read testing TT FT E2 etc makes testing shbg pointless ?

Yeah, I mean you can get a good idea what SHBG is based on comparing TT and FT, so I can see why it’s not 100% required. I was just making sure I didn’t miss it

I don’t know a lot about B12 but I’m sure it being low isn’t going to help anything.

You do need TRT for life becauses you cannot produce enough testosterone which is likely do to steroid usage which I see a lot on T-Nation and other forums. Often most managed healthcare doctors do not know enough about sex hormones and the patient suffers, it’s hard to critique your previous protocol without labs from 2016.

Your original problem other than the low testosterone is elevated SHBG which is how Total T can be almost mid-range and Free T abnormally low. You will continue struggle going to managed healthcare doctors who are sex hormone ignorant, sex hormones is excluded in medical school and the only doctors who seem to have a clue are those in anti-aging and sports medicine which is outside of the sick care system.

High SHBG cannot be reversed, it is either do to genetics and/or starvation diets. TRT is about the only tool in your toolbox than can suppress SHBG to allow for more free hormones to be available. You still need to track SHBG over the years because your actions could see it increase which would allow you to make changes to keep it from increasing more.

Be prepared to figure out your own case when going to managed healthcare doctors who more often than not are operating in the dark. Together with the steroid usage and age, you would be seeing a natural decline by 40 anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to boost your natural levels much higher than they are now.

It sounds like you are unsure about doing TRT for life, sometimes there are consequences for going on cycles, now the price of admission is TRT for life. Personally I do not see what is so bad about injecting testosterone for life, your body responds the same whether natural or injectable testosterone.

Thanks for your reply …Actually I am looking forward to TRT if it’s the solution as long as it gets me out of this hellhole but only consideration is I need to keep my fertility for kids in future please advice what I should do next :pray:

Also any thoughts on the low Vit b12 levels?

If I go for trt should I freeze sperms for future or can nolvadex along with test help?

Probably not a bad idea to freeze some. I’ve been taking HCG as well to try to keep some natural production going. You can also add FSH, nolvadex, clomid, etc. to get natural production going again when needed. None of these are 100% effective but they likely will work.

You’re welcome. HCG and when not enough on its own FSH injections usually works well for men on TRT to increase sperm production, even if this doesn’t work however rarely, stopping TRT and performing a restart using clomid will also get the job done.

TRT is not a death sentence for sperm production.

I think I read that user physioLojik who is also and endo said that you can use nolvadex only with TRT and it is good for fertility and HCG not required am I right?
Please advice as I would rather not use HCG for fertility less headache with injections

Do you guys suggest any further testing required before I go on TRT?

I wouldn’t do TRT if I were you. Your B12 is low, which makes a difference. What are your diet and exercise like now? What did you do for PCT? Did you do PCT after the previous go at TRT? Still smoking pot? I seriously doubt that T is your problem, in spite of the low free T.

Diet is kinda bad eat at odd hours and not too clean , no exercise ! Don’t have energy or feel like stepping out of the house too!
Haven’t smoked pot since I was 23 so a long time
Yes did pct after previous try at TRT but no HCG

All experts please help ,would appreciate all your thoughts …I really need to sort my life out ASAP this has been going on too long now!

KSman could you please advice also?

KSman is not coming back here anymore, recently stated so himself.

HCG isn’t PCT, and shouldn’t be used s such. Clean up your diet, get better sleep, and exercise anyway, even if you don’t feel like it. You’ll be fine if you do those things. If you want more energy, you are going to need to push yourself a little and invest the energy that you can muster.

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What do you need advice about? Start TRT. There is the advice. When your sugar cravings disappear soon after just go with it and start eating right and trying to exercise. Give it time and dont panic of you feel worse a5 first. Freeze sperm or don’t. When you are ready to become fertile you can most likely make that happen and if not, well those are the cards you were dealt. There is no magical secret advice here just a bunch of guys who love TRT and a few who come by to tell us all about how they plan to get on TRT someday when they stop dragging their feet and making excuses

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