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Suffering From Too Much Sitting

Hey everyone,

My spine feels fantastic when and after doing my squats and deadlifts, but the past month I’ve gotten really immersed in my studies, which is requires tons of writing. The discomfort in my back, neck and general spine is starting to worry me.

I sit for 5-6 hours a day on weekdays. 10 or more on days off. Does anyone have any recommendations for furniture or any other ideas? I’m 6’4" if that helps.

Get shorter!
You are feeling gravity winning the tug of war.
Sustained bad posture -sitting for prolonged periods of time produces creep movement in the ligaments of the spine.
McGill suggests standing up~every 15 mins. astrech with arms palms up over head and back arched,as in extension of the spine . Like holding the arch while squatting only unloaded.Try 15 sec.

I sit at a desk all day, what works for me is that I get up every 30 minutes and stretch a bit and take a shirt walk.

Get one of these. It is a Swedish kneeling chair, this particular one is a HAG Balans Posture chair.

Just get up and move every hour or so

Knees @ 90 degrees
Back Straight
Lumbar Support if needed
(I work/sit all day @ computer)

And also listen to the other posters, get up, stretch, walk about…get some water, take a piss…whatever, in fact; I’m gonna do that now.