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Sue Everyone


A motorist whose car was stolen and later involved in a fatal drunken-driving accident is among the defendants being sued for the deaths of a New York teen and his friend, both killed in the crash.

The owner of the car, David Jaber, had left it running while he stopped at a New York City deli at 1:30 a.m. Feb. 1 when Kenneth Guyear allegedly hopped into the Kia and drove away, running over Robert Ogle, 16, and Alex Paul, 20, the New York Daily News reported.

Police said Paul was walking Ogle home because the teen had had too much to drink at a birthday party, the Daily News reported. Two adults who hosted the party also were named in the suit.

“It’s an act of negligence for a person to leave their car with the motor running and easily accessible to anyone who wants to steal it,” Scott Rynecki, an attorney for Ogle’s family, told the Daily News. “And if a party is going on in your house, you have an obligation to be responsible and make sure there is no underage drinking.”

The case still is pending, and Jaber wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Hell why stop there, sue Kia, if they never made cars this would have never happend. Probably gonna have to sue the govt. too, no roads no cars. And you damn sure better sue the deli, if they didn’t have tasty food, nobody would ever drive there…idiots.

Nothing? Really?

This pissed me off, but I guess since I can’t do anything about it I should get over it!

If David Jaber had left a loaded pistol lying around, and Kenneth Guyear had picked it up and accidentally shot and killed Robert Ogle, not only would Jaber be criminally liable, he would also be sued for negligence. And yes, most likely the manufacturer of the pistol would also be the target of a liability suit as well.

No surprises here. Just as a blind pig can find truffles in a dark forest, so can a sharp shyster find easy money in any tragedy.