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Suddenly Lactose Intolerant


I turned 22 last month. A few weeks ago during a cold I was having riduculous gas problems. Couldn't figure it out, figured it was the cold. Turns out I can't hold my milk any more. It was so good to my check book. I need condolence.


How about lactaid pills.


everyones slightly allergic to milk i think. you guys feel a little 'flemmy' after drinking it? and from what i understand alergies are aquired... I developed peanut and seasonal allergies over the last couple of years.


Farting is funny, people will just think of you as humorous.


I became lactose intolerant around the same time you did, 21-22 years old. This sucked as I relied alot on milk while living by myself in college. Lactaid and other such products never helped me (no lactose milk etc.), soy milk tastes like ass so that was out the question as well. So I just stopped taking any milk products, and I have been fine since.


I drank 2 1/4 cups today with my tuna sandwich. About 3 hours later the farts began, and the more time passed the more they came and the hotter they were.

Eventually it felt like there was a lit match being held next to my butthole. Like near scalding water was running perpetually out of my anus. The hairs were seared.

When this first began I couldn't get to sleep at night because I could NOT stop farting. It wasn't the noise, milk farts are always silent, it just keeps coming out, and it grosses me out, so I stick my butt outside the covers and wait for the tragedy to end.

Maybe if I only drink like, 1/2 a cup at a time throughout the day? I don't know. I'm scared to try.


Give yourself a Dutch Oven. The fumes will put you right to sleep. Just make sure you pull your head above the covers at some point, or else you might never wake up.


This thread is pretty funny.

Actually 80 to 90% on this planet are dont digest dairy products properly. However, there are degrees of how intolerant you are.

There's actually no good reason to take in dairy products anyway. no one should be drinking whole or 2% unless you are a growing infant. skim or soy or rice milk should be used. if u have problems with skim, stay off for 2 months and then go back to it again.

some people need breaks from foods to relieve food alergies. Whey or creatine can cause gas when first using it so that could also be the cause of the gas...your body will eventually get used to it. i used to be allergic to apples and i currently have a problem with eggs.



(ignorant, yes, I know)


Nice job mixing it with a tuna sandwich too.


I remember awhile back i got crazy over drinking milk. Increasing my milk intake so high so quick i too developed an allergy.

I learned though to help with this allergy (and boy was it bad) to

1) stop drinking milk altogether for a given amount of time, I tried 2 weeks but didnt help much so i went for about a month or so.
2) Consume loads of yogurt helps digest lactose and good on the stomach.
3) when you get back on milk, take it easy maybe .5 cup at a time or even i mix .25 cup with my waffles or eggs i make.
4) its always best to drink it with food also to help absorb and slow down the process..

Im pretty good now i think... try those and i hope this helps