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Suddenly Can't Sleep

I’ve been on TRT for probably over 2 years now and I suddenly can barely sleep. I did have this initially when i first started TRT but i managed to fix it by lowering my E2. So apart from E2 levels, what else could potentially cause these sleep problems (so i know what to order a blood test for)?

What are your exact symptoms when it comes to not sleeping?

Some external factors I can think of.
Over training
Too much screen time
Eating before bed

If none of the above has changed, then you probably want to see a specialist.

Have you put on significant size? Could be apnea. Do you snore?

I have found that TRT opened up the possibility that I would push myself beyond my limits (as defined by sleep and diet) and I can easily overtrain now. My first symptom of overtraining is really crappy sleep. Not saying that’s your issue, but it’s definitely worth considering.

I did change up my routine recently from really low volume powerlifting to a powerbuilding style of training, high volume and intensity. How do i know if im overtraining?

How long ago did you change your program? What is the new program?

Are you in a calorie deficit? If so, how long?

When was your last deload?

Oddly enough, grip strength is a good benchmark for over training.

But you’ll usually see:
Lack of motivation
Slower / no gains
Not able to finish workouts

Get an Oura ring, a Whoop band or some other device to help you track your recovery, specifically heart rate variability. HRV is an excellent metric of recovery status and absolutely will help you understand your body status. FWIW, I find my body recovers better when I maintain higher T levels. I get noticeably better sleep this way as well.