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Sudden Weight Gain


Hi all, Also a beginner here. With absolutely no know-how. Yes, read up thousands of articles, however, what bothers me the most, is a sudden weight gain, I’ve been training very slowly for about 3 months now, not weights, only a circuit training - machines put in a circle to train each muscle group. Mygym visits are currently 4-6 per month. Which is basically time wasted, although I so see some muscles are toning. I need to loose weight, instead, I gained nearly 10kg. How is this possible in any way? My cardio each time is about 45minutes, with a moderate heart rate of 130-150bpm.

Any advice, please!


Are you going to gym four times per week or 4-6x/month or 4-6x/week. If it is the first one then while it’s better than nothing, you can’t expect major changes in terms of body composition from only going 4-6x/month. Try going 3x/week, secondly, how much weight you gain or lose is largely dependant on your diet and genetics, if you have been eating in a caloric surplus (even if it’s only healthy food) you will gain weight!!! Calculate your maintenance amount of calories. tdeecalculator .net should give you a rough estimate but doesn’t factor in genetics or metabolism. To lose weight you need to eat below maintenance.

Can you break down your diet/macros and peoplez can help you out. What are your current stats (height, weight, body fat percentage etc).


I’d suggest going more to the gym, at least 3/week. Then, look into your diet and try to eat balanced and track it with an app or something to make sure you’re eating the right amount for your goal. You have to think in the long term and for that, consistency is the key


you ate too much


10kg is a lot.

Advice is same like what everyone else said.

Go to gym more often and eat less.


hell of an understatement.

If you gained 10kg in 2 months, you ate every damn thing in sight.


Stop taking it easy and eating like an asshole.

At every meal choose one from each list:

  1. red meat (inc bacon/pork/etc), chicken/Turkey, fish, eggs, protein powder
  2. Vegetables/herbs
  3. rice, beans/legumes, pasta, oats, potatoes, milk
  4. oil, butter, cream, nuts

Quarter of your plate comes from 1.
Half your plate comes from 2.
1-2 tablespoon of 4 (including what you use for cooking).
No second helpings.
No calories from drinks (milk excluded, voffee/tea is okay) and dont overdo the milk
Seasoning as required
Start with 3 meals per day

Go to the gym 2-4 times per week. Do 1-2 compound movements per body part and 0-4 isolation type movements. Go close to failure (short a rep or 3) on the compounds and closer on isolation work. How you split this over the week or fortnight is up to you.

Reduce your cardio to 1 hard session and 2 light sessions and get that 45 minutes at fuck all intensity you currently get and distribute it though the day by walking more.

If you stick to your guns and things go right then you might be where you started in 3 months weight wise but with better body composition.


6x a month come out to be roughly once a week, with some weeks going twice. While it’s better than nothing, it’s also going to be pretty counter productive for weightloss.

Follow @strongmangoals diet, learn how to count macros, and spend the early beginner stage of your training to establish some good habits. If you need to do circuit training on machines because it’s what you know best so far, and it’s within your comfort level, keep doing it. But I also recommend long walks and some free weights too.


You havent tried anything and your all out of ideas…


Keeping it simple is always the way to go. Takes all the brainwork out and makes your operate in autopilot. I need to make half my plates veggies again, been slacking a bit last few weeks with nutrition.


Which def I didn’t do.


Thanks for the reply, I will follow your advice ( others also commented, noted), will take some time but I will get there. Again, thanks for the reply, without judgement. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Will also follow your advice :slight_smile: !