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Sudden Weakness with Pushing Exercises

Hey all, I was wondering if any of you have experienced this sort of thing before. My strength in the gym was gradually decreasing over a period of about a month. I discovered I had an ear infection and took a 10 day course of antibiotics. I also gave my body a break from lifting during that time.

Upon returning to the gym I experienced a significant decrease in strength. I’m talking over an 80% decrease on pushing exercises. I chalked this up to being away from lifting, the infection and the antibiotics. Flash forward to today (3 days after first gym attempt), I tried to lift again. 50lb dumbbells felt very unsteady, I couldn’t believe it. I tried push-ups but failed on those too. No other exercises seem affected besides ones that involve pushing. My legs are strong, my back is strong.

The only way I can describe what I’m experiencing is that there’s a disconnect between what I’m asking the muscle to do and how it follows through. I noticed my left side is considerably weaker than my right. I’m wondering if there’s something going in my shoulder or left pectoral muscle. I’m 33 y/o, 6’1” 190lbs and have no history of other significant medical conditions other than low-testosterone (on TRT) and sleep-apnea.

I will of course seek help from my doctor, but their office is closed for the weekend. Any ideas in the meantime?

I’ve done two more workouts since this was posted and I’ve established that there’s something wrong with my left pec, tricep and shoulder. I see my doctor tomorrow morning. I’ll update this thread after that appointment for anyone who experiences similar symptoms in the future (even though they should still seek medical advice from a professional).


Well, what did you find out?

Did you fall or injury your left AC joint?

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Absolutely nothing, my PCP is out on maternity leave and the other doctor I saw was useless. She told me she could refer me to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the spine or to physical therapy, I obviously opted for physical therapy. I can’t believe she didn’t even examine me for range of motion or send me in for a scan…

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Ugh! Hopefully the PT will get straightened out.

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Diggin the new profile picture!

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No falls or anything out of the ordinary. I actually came off of a lifting break and when I returned to the gym I discovered that I had most of my strength on my left side (upper body). I never hurt of tweaked anything before I left the gym either, everything was going well.

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Thanks! Lol. Just being silly.

Let’s hope! Never experienced anything like this weakness.

Any idea when your regular doc will be back? Hope it’s nothing serious. I know there is research that shows Fluoroquinolones can cause damage.

Have your neck checked out. 7 years ago I was on the hammer chest machine at my gym and bam couldn’t even move the damn thing! Couldn’t curl. I was like w t f! After months of dealing with this it was determined that I had a herniated disc in my neck c4/5 and had surgery.