Sudden Weakness in Shoulder

First I noticed popping in my left shoulder while doing lat raises. The next time I did them I had some shoulder ache afterwards. Then next time working out, I could not lift my left arm as high while doing lat raises. Pec fly was a lot weaker (kept dropping elbow), bench was weaker. On a separate occasion there was noticeable weakness in left arm/shoulder during strict press. Some pain while palpating the front of my shoulder. I’m too nervous to lift until I get in to the Dr. Has anyone had any experience with these symptoms?

This happened to me. My left arm just couldn’t lock out weights when pressing. I couldn’t hold my upper arm in position when I tried to do extensions. My left arm kinda “drifted” out to the side when I bench pressed.

For whatever reason, I had trouble keeping my left shoulder tight and in place. It would kinda “wing out” on me. I started doing some kettlebell presses, holding the 'bell in the bottom b up position. This forced me to keep my forearm verticle, my shoulder tightly packed, and my wrist in-line. In just a few sessions, my shoulder felt much more stable and “activated.”

Band pull-aparts, face pulls or upper back stuff on TRX handles (face pulls, scarecrows, inverted rows) are all good ways to warm up, and pull your shoulders back and down before you start real upper body stuff.

Well, I went to the doctor. Looks like I might have a couple issues going on. I was dx with Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, but I also have symptoms of a pinched nerve. I am going for emg/ncs Next Monday. The doc said no lifting for now. grumble Not happy!! Thank you for sharing your experience.